9 Women Reveal All The Times The Men In Their Lives Finished Too Soon


Do you know what a girl hates more than eating unnecessary carbohydrates? More than getting a visit from her period while on vacation in Mexico? More than having a man talk down to her?

The answer: Wasting a number on a dude who is a bad lay.

We’ve all had bad sex, sure. But nothing makes sex worse than when a guy finishes within the first few minutes (seconds?) of getting down and dirty.

It’s the worst thing ever. It’s the most colossal waste of time. You put in all of this energy to get to know a guy.

You have amazing conversation. He has big hands and feet!

You finally get into bed with him, and it’s like, BAM. Over. You’re lying next to him, thinking, “Oh, wow. Okay. I guess that’s it. Those are days and days of my life that I will never get back. Cool.”

The most terrible part is that the aforementioned guy rarely feels embarrassed. In fact, he’s often very satisfied with himself... which is sick. Like, do you not realize that entire bang session was three-minutes long?

Let’s all commiserate with a little public shaming. Here are nine girls with horror stories about the time a guy finished too early.

That first-love flow.

Margret, 26.

And yet she stayed with him.

Holly, 24.

It never happens until it happens to you.

Emma, 25.

The One-Mississippi Man.

Sheila, 27.

She has her priorities in order.

Kate, 26.

*Slow clap*

I think we all know it’s not your “friend from college,” but okay.

Lauren, 24.

Well, she’s a good girlfriend.

Allie, 22.

You’re a terrible person, Ashley, but it’s okay.

Ashley, 29.

Just stick with it!

June, 24.