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8 Guys Admit What They Do When They're Finally Over A Breakup


Breaking up with someone or getting broken up with isn't an easy feeling to kick.

Spending quality time with someone who once made your heart beat like a Chainsmokers remix and now makes your heart throb like a Bon Iver song is something time, good friends and maybe even some rebounding “mistakes” may help you get over.

Getting over someone is a slow process, but once it happens, you'll feel like a brand new person, eager to live your life to the max, meet new people and, when you're ready, date to find a new love interest.

If you ever wanted to know what guys do when they are completely over you, check out what these eight guys admitted to us:

1. Download every dating app.

— Doug H., 29

2. Start living MY life.

— Mike D., 26

3. Unblock your social media profiles.

— Scotty K., 28

4. Wish you the best.

— Todd C., 31

5. Get back in the gym.

— Chris K., 29

6. Approach love again.

— Daniel S., 27

7. Ignore your texts.

— Chase S., 24

8. Return your stuff.

— Rick W., 30