8 Guys Admit What They Do When They're Finally Over A Breakup

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Breaking up with someone or getting broken up with isn't an easy feeling to kick.

Spending quality time with someone who once made your heart beat like a Chainsmokers remix and now makes your heart throb like a Bon Iver song is something time, good friends and maybe even some rebounding “mistakes” may help you get over.

Getting over someone is a slow process, but once it happens, you'll feel like a brand new person, eager to live your life to the max, meet new people and, when you're ready, date to find a new love interest.

If you ever wanted to know what guys do when they are completely over you, check out what these eight guys admitted to us:

1. Download every dating app.

After I broke up with my girlfriend — we dated for almost a year — it took me a good three months to just chill and get over her. I knew I was completely done with her and thinking about her when I got the urge to fill my phone with as many dating apps as I could. It just hit me one day. Why am I sitting here sulking when I could be out meeting someone better? I downloaded six apps and set up my first date with a girl for the very next week.

— Doug H., 29

2. Start living MY life.

My ex broke up with me out of nowhere. We had been dating for three years, and she just literally woke up one morning and said she missed being single and wanted to go out and live her life, alone. She wasn't ready to settle down, and I wasn't the person she wanted to be with in the future. It was a complete slap-in-the-face shock. I couldn't recover from being dumped for a good six months. Friends would try to drag me out or set me up with someone new, and I would literally cancel on everyone. She ended up trying to get back with me about eight months after the breakup. When she called me, I laughed and said, 'I think that I'm over you and want to go live MY life.' It was a good full-circle situation.

— Mike D., 26

3. Unblock your social media profiles.

I find that I'm finally over thinking about an ex when I can unblock her social media profiles and not look at them once a day or even once a week. At first, I block them, so I don't have to see their crazy photos, but then I stop caring, unblock them and just never care to look ever again.

— Scotty K., 28

4. Wish you the best.

I'm not going to lie. Getting over someone is rough. It's not easy, even if I pretend not to care when I talk to friends or my family. I still think about every girl I ever dated. Some of them, I still resent or get mad at, and that's how I know I'm not over it. The ones I can think about and wish them the best in life are the ones I know I'm completely over. I only have good feelings for them because I hope their life is great.

— Todd C., 31

5. Get back in the gym.

I never feel completely like myself when someone breaks up with me. I always feel down and out. What makes me realize that I'm ready to move on with life is when I decide to hit the gym again. I usually take a break when I'm in a relationship, and then, I really take a break when I'm feeling crappy after a relationship ends. I know I'm feeling good when I get the desire to want to go back and start lifting again.

— Chris K., 29

6. Approach love again.

I know this is going to make me sound like a girl, but sometimes, when a relationship is over, I think I'll never find someone whom I'll love again and who will love me. I feel hopeless and pretty shitty about being single again. I even start to think that maybe I'll be single for the rest of my life or something extreme like that. After my last breakup, it took me a good year before I was ready to even approach love again or fill my head with the idea that I was worthy of love. I guess that's how I know I have closure with a relationship and can try to find a new one.

— Daniel S., 27

7. Ignore your texts.

Whenever I'm really into a girl I'm dating or hooking up with, I text her back immediately. It's just something I get excited about doing. I cant stop thinking about her all day. The second I'm not feeling it anymore, it takes me days to write back. I kind of don't care anymore. Then, when I've found someone else, I totally ignore the other girl's texts and realize my feelings are gone from that situation, too.

— Chase S., 24

8. Return your stuff.

My last relationship ended because both of us needed a break. I held on to all the stuff she left in my apartment for four months, thinking we'd get back together. When I realized I didn't really want to get back with her — ever — I called her up and asked her to come get her stuff from my apartment. That's how I knew I was 100 percent ready to move on.

— Rick W., 30