Guys Confess The Little Things Their Girlfriends Do That Annoy Them

There's a long-standing, old-fashioned belief that girls are the crazy ones in a relationship.

I. Literally. Hate. That.

Just because women are more emotionally intelligent, able to access our feelings and express them in a more complex and thorough way than men doesn't mean we're nuts, OK?

(OK, JASON?! Maybe you're crazy! And also, it's weird you sleep with socks on! There, I said it.)

That being said, it's nearly impossible (and probably unhealthy) to find someone who lives life with the exact same patterns and behaviors as you.

So naturally, there's going to be friction in your relationship — your partner is going to do something that annoys the hell out of you, and vice versa.

Here, eight guys on Reddit reveal all the little ways they claim their girlfriends drive them absolutely bananas:

A lot of the complaints revolve around the way their girlfriends eat:

Everyone can kind of relate to that.

To be fair, that's sort of nasty.

In this case, I'm guilty. SUE ME.

Then, there's their attitude problems:

I mean, I guess that might be annoying, but "I don't know."

This would drive anyone up a wall. Remember, your current lover is not your ex-lover.

And their lack of awareness:

Or maybe they really are just crazy:

Obviously, relationships require some give and take. Maybe you let her eat in bed, and she lets you shave over her makeup bag. The beauty is in the BALANCE, people.

And just remember, nobody is perfect (unless you're reading this, Jason, in which case, I AM PERFECT).