Guys Admit How They Knew They Would Eventually Cheat On Their SOs

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Relationships end for many reasons, but one you never expect is that the person you love is cheating on you.

Or, there might even be a chance you've suddenly found yourself morphing into the one who is cheating — something you never thought you would do.

If you're wondering what signs a person sees in themselves that warn they're going to cheat on their SO, check out the honest confessions of these seven guys:

He was never meant to find "the one."

Most of my guy friends were eager to find 'the one.' But not me, ever. I was always looking for the next best thing and was never fully content with the person I was with. That's why I ended up cheating on my girlfriend of six months (my longest relationship ever). I just don't think I was ever really meant to settle down.

— Joe C., 25

His eyes were always roaming.

I would be out with my girlfriend, and then a hot women would walk by and my eyes would follow. I couldn't stop checking other women out. I guess that was the first sign I wasn't happy with her. It eventually led me to cheat, but I kind of knew that would happen, just because my eyes were always searching the room for anyone hotter.

— Drew B., 27

He couldn't not approach girls.

Whenever I was out with my guys and they'd go off to talk to girls because they were single, I would go too. I was usually the one getting all the girls, and it was frustrating because I'd have to turn them down. Eventually, I just gave up on the turning down part and was sleeping with a different girl every weekend, while dating someone for over a year. I became a serial cheater.

— Greg N., 29

It was in his DNA.

My dad was a cheater. My uncle was a cheater. My brother ruined two marriages by cheating. It wasn't a question of whether or not I was going to eventually cheat or not, it was just 'when.' I held out pretty well. I was with someone for a year before cheating. Then, it was like something snapped in my brain that made me realize, just because we were dating, didn't mean I couldn't date anyone else. So I did, on the side. That relationship ended just a month later.

— Paulo V., 30

He never deleted his dating apps.

I was dating this girl for eight months, and I never deleted my dating apps during that whole time. There were times I went on because I was bored, and I would chat with girls, which is kind of cheating, but not really. Because I didn't have an urge to delete them, I guess that showed I didn't have an urge to settle down. I ended up doing more than just chatting with the people I met on the dating apps.

— Rick S., 26

He kept hanging out with his ex.

It was impossible to cut ties with my ex. We had broken up a year before I started dating someone else. But when I started dating the new chick, my ex was always calling and texting. It was like she finally realized I had moved on, and she wasn't cool with that. I didn't have the guts to tell her to leave me alone, so we ended up hooking up again. It ruined my relationship.

— Dan C., 28

He deleted his text messages.

I was always deleting texts and clearing my browsing history on my social media because I was talking to other girls. My girlfriend would occasionally check my phone, so I was doing that. I did eventually cheat on her, and she probably saw it coming, too. If I was happy in the relationship, I wouldn't be texting other girls or deleting my messages, either.

— Seth C., 24