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Guys Admit How They Knew They Would Eventually Cheat On Their SOs


Relationships end for many reasons, but one you never expect is that the person you love is cheating on you.

Or, there might even be a chance you've suddenly found yourself morphing into the one who is cheating — something you never thought you would do.

If you're wondering what signs a person sees in themselves that warn they're going to cheat on their SO, check out the honest confessions of these seven guys:

He was never meant to find "the one."

— Joe C., 25

His eyes were always roaming.

— Drew B., 27

He couldn't not approach girls.

— Greg N., 29

It was in his DNA.

— Paulo V., 30

He never deleted his dating apps.

— Rick S., 26

He kept hanging out with his ex.

— Dan C., 28

He deleted his text messages.

— Seth C., 24