5 Reasons Why Your Guy Friends Are The Reason You Don't Trust Guys

by Nicole Cottrell
Victor Torres

Having guy friends is one of life’s simplest pleasures. There’s no drama, no b*tching and, quite honestly, we like the break.

Another perk of having guys in our friendship group is it allows us to obtain a guy’s perspective when we need advice. Because, who better to decode what a guy means than a guy?

Girls are notorious over-thinkers, so, sometimes, it’s quite refreshing to consider a blunt, straight-forward approach.

Most of us don’t have guy friends because we want to be one of the lads; we simply value our friendships, regardless of gender.

But, unfortunately, the more time we spend around them, the more we come to realize how naïve we are. For some absurd reason, we seem to take things at face value because we fail to comprehend why someone would intentionally hurt us.

But, then, the other shoe drops.

The reason our guards are constantly up, we struggle to let people in, and we don’t trust guys is because we know how guys treat girls. We've seen it; we've heard about it, and we've experienced it.

Our guy friends are perfectly nice, genuine people, but does it make them romantic saints? Hell no.

We enjoy the benefit of having protective guy friends who jump to our defense when we get f*cked over. But, ironically, they've probably been bad boys themselves.

So, maybe our lack of trust in guys isn't 100 percent down to our bad experiences; maybe it sits a little bit closer to home.

It may have never crossed our minds before, but here are five reasons why our male friends are to blame for why we don’t trust guys:

1. Dude Culture

Are we ever going to escape the infamous dude culture? Will there ever be a time when guys aren't ridiculed for not being able to down a pint, or for taking a girl on a thoughtful date?

While we’re up for a laugh and more than capable of handling a bit of banter, why does it have to involve giving the girl you're seeing the cold shoulder just because you're with your boys?

2. Sexist Jokes

Sorry, I know I should be in the kitchen instead of writing this, but welcome to 2015. While the majority of it is harmless fun we’re happy to shoulder, some guys whole-heatedly advocate sexism.

Some guys believe all girls are good for is sandwiches and sex. While those are two of our many talents, they aren't all we can do.

So, how about you get yourself a meal deal and pipe down?

3. Derogatory Comments

I've lost count of the number of times a guy has rated a girl he’s slept with on a scale of one to 10. I know girls gossip and tell their best friends everything, but I’d like to believe we’re not so harsh.

While we girls are partial to a little bit of eye candy, I swear all guys see is boobs and bums, which forms the basis of judgment.

We’re not all Victoria’s Secret models, so get back in the real world.

4. The "Banter" Excuse

Whenever guys overstep the mark, they’re incapable of admitting they’re in the wrong and, instead, label it as banter. But, it seems as though they’re better at giving than receiving.

Oh, the irony. We get you like to have a laugh and a joke, but there’s only so much of the repetitive one-liners we can take before it becomes a little unbearable.

5. The Friend Zone

When our guy friends are in the friend zone, they learn a lot about our preferences, so it’s no surprise they know we like a bad boy.

Confidence is sexy, and since we thrive from challenges, someone who keeps us on our toes is the perfect solution.

So, maybe we’re slightly to blame, as well. Maybe, if we didn't palm off the nice guys for dickheads, men might catch on and start being better behaved.