5 Ways Guys Can Make It To The Second Date In The Age Of Online Dating

Dating has completely changed in the past decade.

Chivalry is almost certainly dead, and more often than not, it's perceived as a sign of weakness.

Every sexy “single” person has access to hundreds of other single people at the left swipe of a screen.

When was the last time you went out and saw a couple on a date, where neither person looked at his or her phone?

It's certainly not easy anymore.

How do you connect with someone on a level aside from how relevant your social media profiles are?

Dating profiles are downright ridiculous. There is just no way so many people are into racket sports.

These are all just lies.

If you can secure a date with that special someone, you better make an impression fast.

Here are five surefire ways to leave a mark on your date:

1. Put effort into your appearance, and take into account your scenery.

Every single woman spends countless hours getting ready for a date. This is the case whether it's a guy she has no intention of seeing ever again or a man she wants to have a future with.

The least you can do is wear a clean pair of shoes, use an extra spray of cologne and wear an outfit suitable for any event that may spring up.

Don’t be that guy at the nice restaurant, wearing a ball cap and looking like you haven’t showered in days.

Unless you have a loved one in the hospital or a personal crisis going on, you can turn your phone off.

2. Always start things off with a nice gesture.

It could be as simple as opening and closing the doors for her, buying movie tickets or making a reservation in advance.

Maybe you can set up her type of music in the car, just so she feels comfortable.

The idea is, if you can make a strong impression, you should have a get-out-of-jail-free card for later.

So if you say something idiotic (which is bound to happen), she may even be willing to overlook your slipup.

Note: It also helps if she has something to bring home as a memento.

Save the movie ticket or the receipt from the restaurant for the end of the night, as it could help keep you around as an afterthought.

3. Listen to what she says.

I know this is not always the easiest of tasks.

You probably have no interest in hearing how to “keep up” with a certain group of women. Maybe she's having a feud with her bestie, which afforded you the night out to begin with.

Either way, you need to pay attention and soak it all in.

This is a chance to really get some info to think about later. It may be encoded in a pumpkin spice latte, but you'll have something to work with.

It can give you ideas for a future encounter.

For example, if she hates the outdoors, don’t take her hiking.

4. Be spontaneous.

This is the easiest part.

Think outside the box. Regardless of where you live, there are hundreds of cool places where you can find the perfect scenery to start or end a date.

Take the long way home.

A nice drive or walk through the country will give you additional time to practice the previous idea.

Look above your head. The sky affords us with views at all points of the day.

Whether it's going out to look at the stars or watching the sunset from a city balcony or rooftop, the air above you provides memorable and lasting moments.

If you're having a good time, say so.

Don't be afraid to show off some dance moves or make that corny joke. It could score you some bonus points.

Also, try not to leave anything on the table for a game of texting or Russian roulette after the date is over.

5. If a relationship is not in the cards, be polite.

Chances are, if you followed the previous steps, you're having a pretty solid date up to this point.

Having an awesome night out, though, doesn’t necessarily mean a damn thing at the end of the day.

Without a spark or connection, chances are, one party is not feeling the other.

This is okay.

Just don’t shoot yourself in the foot by being negative or not respecting the fact this woman took time out of her schedule to hang out with you.

It's important to remember even the most introverted of women usually have an awesome single friend or two. The more respect you show her, the better your chances of sparking a second date with a better match.