Super Brave Guy Asks Girl On A Date Using A Clever, Old-School Technique

Remember the good old days, way back in middle school, when dating was way simpler?

Remember how, if you wanted to ask someone out, you had to either do it in person or pass a note asking him or her to circle "Y" or "N?"

One brave young man at the University of Southampton remembers and attempted to score a date with a hottie in the library using this #TBT technique.

The girl in question, Naomi Lucking, tweeted about her adorable encounter in the library when the man passed her an envelope, which he had cleverly turned into a pen and paper WhatsApp display.

The message reads,

Sorry to disturb your studies, but I really need to ask...would you like to have a coffee with me someday?

The would-be suitor left Lucking with two possible replies: "Sure! Why not? Life is short," and "No thanks! I have a 7 ft tall boyfriend."

Sadly, for the creative and dateless dude, Lucking does, indeed, have a man. She did, however, give him "10/10" for his creativity.

It's okay, lonely library guy, with spirit and guts like yours, you'll certainly find your dream girl soon.