9 Thoughts Grooms Had When They Saw Their Brides At The 'First Look'


For a lot of brides-to-be, the anticipation leading up to the groom's "first look" at the bride is almost suffocating.

Brides will spend a lot of time daydreaming about how the whole thing will go down. Will they surprise the groom as he faces a window? Will they tap him on the shoulder? Will they wait to see him until it's time to walk down the aisle, while they're surrounded by hundreds of their closest friends and family?

No matter how carefully they plan the moment, the one thing they can't predict is how the heck the groom will react.

Maybe he'll cry, or maybe he'll laugh uncontrollably. Maybe he'll be so shocked, his eyes bulge out, and he'll wonder why they chose the dress or hairstyle they did.

To get some honest answers as to what really goes through a groom's head during that moment, I asked nine guys to share what they thought during their first look on their wedding day:

1. I kept on blinking.

– Chris J., 28

2. I tried not to cry.

– Russ K., 30

3. I wondered, “Why me?”

– Jason N., 33

4. I wanted to skip the wedding.

– Brett K., 29

5. I was surprised, not in a good way.

– Henry G., 26

6. I felt like the luckiest man ever.

– Gregg B., 27

7. She looked like my mom.

– Doug P., 29

8. I thought she had on too much makeup.

– Pete B., 31

9. I didn't think anything.

– Scott D., 27