Grooms Admit Why They're Having Cold Feet Before Their Upcoming Weddings


Think you're exempt from cold feet just because you're a guy? Well, you totally thought wrong.

Getting cold feet isn't a gender-related thing. It's a human emotion that's capable of striking at any time before your wedding — sometimes even seconds before you're about to blurt out the big "I do."

While cold feet may just be another tongue-in-cheek phrase for listening to what your gut is telling you, having an itch inside of you that the person you're marrying truly isn't the one for you is terrifying and painful.

And, depending on when the wedding is, it can be a little embarrassing to admit.

Here, seven grooms-to-be bravely admit why they're starting to get cold feet before their 2017 wedding:

"There's someone else."

To be honest, my wedding is a month away and I'm not fully over my ex. I haven't cheated or anything, at least not physically. But I still have a really big thing for this girl. We broke up four years ago, and I've been dating the girl I'm marrying for two years. It feels right with her, but I just can't stop thinking that maybe I should have tried again with my ex. It's like getting married officially makes my ex a person of the past. I don't know if I'm super ready for that.

— Alex D., 27

"Forever freaks me out."

Everyone around me is asking If I am ready to get married. Like, when you hear that question 12 times in a week, your natural thought is, "Ummm." I don't know if I'm ready or will ever be ready. Forever seems like a long time to promise to be with someone. I just have to keep thinking that marriage doesn't have to be permanent and that nothing changes when you get married. I hope that's true.

— Jorge L., 31

"Her dad gave me 'the talk.'"

I was all into this marriage thing, and then my girl's dad sat me down and threatened that if I ever messed up or hurt her in any way, he'd ruin my life. He's a big guy — size-wise and job-wise — in our small town. It made me think that the pressure is on to really be perfect, and now I'm like, shit, what if I mess up by accident?

— Mike G., 29

"I know we're not right for each other."

When you know, you know. It's the same for when you know something is wrong. Even when I proposed, I felt like something was off and that maybe this wasn't the right person for me. Because I have that unsure feeling in my gut, I'm starting to think that backing out now will save us all a massive headache in the future. But the problem, or the trick is, I have no idea how to have the balls to call this whole thing off.

— Craig S., 35

I have no idea how to have the balls to call this whole thing off.

"I've never felt like this before."

My cold feet are because I have never felt so nervous before in my life. Getting married isn't just, like, an easy thing. There are changes that come with the title of being someone's husband. There's also a lot of fear that comes with loving someone to their core. I'm terrified, and that's why I feel cold feet.

— Dan R., 30

"My friends are telling me to run."

Most of my bros are single and they keep telling me I'm crazy for ending my 20s early and getting hitched. It's not my fault I met an awesome girl when I was young. And if I don't marry her, she'll easily leave me for someone who will faster and sooner. I try every day not to listen to my guys, but they are working hard to convince me I should be a runaway groom.

— Lucas B., 24

"I think about my parents."

My parents got divorced when I was 15. It was hard to watch. I keep thinking that even though things are good now, they could explode later. So is marriage even worth it? I know these are awful thoughts to have the week before your wedding.

— Eric L., 30