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Greg Grippo confirmed he's in a new relationship with a woman from Paris.

Greg Grippo Has A New GF, And She’s Not From Bachelor Nation

Guess we won’t be seeing him in Paradise, after all.


Sorry for all the Greg Grippo stans out there, but he’s taken. During a Feb. 14 episode of The Viall Files, Grippo confirmed that he’s in a new relationship with a woman from Paris... and it definitely sounds like this mystery woman is Clémence Lopez, the same French influencer Bachelor Nation suspected Grippo of dating back in Nov. 2021. Though nothing was ever confirmed then, it now sounds like Grippo is officially off the market — so much so that he sent her (or someone else?) three dozen roses for Valentine’s Day.

“I don’t see myself going to the beach right now. I’m actually seeing someone, so, yeah,” Grippo told Nick Viall, the podcast’s host. Viall, aware of the rumors surrounding Grippo and Lopez, followed up, “Does she live in Paris?” Grippo replied, “She does, yeah.” OK. so I guess technically he could have started seeing someone else who lives in Paris, but he still follows Lopez on IG and regularly likes her posts.

So how serious are things with Grippo and his mysterious Parisian gal pal? His Bachelorette castmate Andrew Spencer, who was being interviewed alongside Grippo, revealed, “Bro just bought three dozen roses, by the way.” Well, Paris is the city of love, after all!

Grippo explained their relationship a bit more, adding, “I genuinely want to find someone, you know, and I don’t necessarily like dating around. You know, as soon as I feel like I click with someone, I like to see where it goes.”

However, that doesn’t make long-distance easy. A flight between Paris and Los Angeles (where Grippo is currently staying) takes nearly 12 hours. Not to mention, there’s a nine-hour time difference. “I mean, yeah, it’s a little tough,” Grippo said of the distance. “Like you said, there’s the whole Paris situation... but I’m giving it my best shot at the moment.” Well, 36 roses might not be a plane ticket, but they certainly don’t hurt.

Although the Greg Girlies™ may be disappointed by his new relationship status, it seems like Grippo is happy as can be with his new Valentine.