5 Ways To Grab The Attention Of The Person Who Always Plays Hard To Get

Emmanuel Hidalgo

Call me weird, but I honestly hate being hit on. I know it sounds ridiculous.

Which girl hates the attention of being hit on? Well, this girl does. I think it comes down to the fact that I really don't know how to handle it.

I become a different person when someone is being overly apparent about hitting on me. I have to say "overly" because I've been accused of being exceptionally oblivious when it comes to knowing about someone's romantic intentions.

If a cute guy is hitting on me, I find myself thinking about his motives: "Does he just want to get in my pants?" If it's someone I'm not interested in, then I have to find a way to give him hints to keep it moving without looking like a complete bitch. This honestly makes me feel horrible because I know it takes a lot of courage to hit on someone in the first place.

All in all, it's a lose-lose situation for me. I just end up feeling awkward. This could be why it's always taken the relationships I've had a while to form. I don't mess around when it comes to matters of the heart. I'm thinking that – if you're at all relating to what I'm saying – chances are, you don't either.

So, how do you capture the attention of someone who hates being hit on?

1. Your first words shouldn't be, "You're hot."

OK, let's be a bit original. If this is the first thing you say to me, know that I'll automatically dismiss you.

Harsh? Yes. But for me, it's necessary. It's true that looks are one of the first things you notice about someone you are attracted to, but that doesn't mean you should bring them up immediately.

To me, "You're hot" means "I would like to have sex with you." This is the last thing I would like to talk about if we're meeting for the first time.

2. Humor can help you out a lot.

Everyone loves a funny person. You can come up to me at a bar and deliver an idiotic pickup line. But if it's original and makes me laugh, I will most likely stick around to find out a little more about you.

Humor lightens the mood, makes it a lot easier to talk to you and lets me know you can be fun to be around. The trick with humor, though, is that everyone has a different sense of it. So, finding someone who has the same sense of humor as you do is essential to how successful you are in using this tactic.

3. Learn to take a hint.

Speaking from a woman's perspective, if we know we can have you and still don't do anything about it, that probably means we aren't interested in you in that way. I would think the same thing applies for a man, but I can't speak on behalf of a mind I don't really know that much about.

The one thing that makes things incredibly awkward is when the person fails to realize you're not interested. Sometimes, I've had to make up having a boyfriend, just so the person would stop.

Sometimes, even that didn't work. I understand that you want to be persistent, but geez. I'm trying to be nice here, but that doesn't mean I'm into you.

4. It's in the eyes.

Have you ever scanned the room and accidentally made eye contact with someone? Then, this person takes it upon him or herself to consider that an invitation to come talk to you. I have run into many an awkward moment due to this very incident.

It's one thing if we continuously make eye contact throughout the night. That definitely means I'm intrigued.

But please: If you're going to jump in because you made eye contact, make sure that it lasted longer than two seconds and that there was a smile involved. You will save yourself from many an uncomfortable moment.

5. Be genuine.

I really value someone who is genuine. I'm sure all of us do.

If you come up to me and just have a conversation, instead of try to be someone you're not, you're far more likely to reach success.

I can see through your crap. If you try to feed it to me, I will call you out on it. What could've been a nice conversation between two people will become confrontational.

Ladies and gents, just be yourself. If there is chemistry, then the rest will follow.

Stop with the awkward moments and the thirsty comments. They just don't work in your favor.