I Got Back Together With My First Love After Years Of Being Apart

When you're 10 or 11, the last thing you want to do is move to a new home. Even though my house was old and pretty much falling apart, and my parents had finally saved up enough money to buy their own, better and improved house, I was against it.

I had just moved to a new, nicer part of town with my family in 2004. I had finished fifth grade, and was going to start sixth grade at a new school. As it turns out, there was a family living just three houses away from my new home. Back then, one of the young boys living there went to the same school as I did.

He's my husband now.

We were in the same class, too. We even have a class picture to prove it. For years, I swore he was in the other sixth grade class. I don't remember him in mine. But the pictures say otherwise.

Now, let me take you back to the Myspace days. I had just gotten the hang of making a "profile."  I had finished setting up my top friends.

Well, in the seventh grade, that same boy showed up again in my theatre class. My best friend at the time had known him for a while. They made fun of each other during class, while I just kind of laughed. Well, he found me on Myspace a few weeks into the year.

I can't remember who messaged first, but we began messaging and talking on Myspace. We went at it for months. I was exhilarated every time I logged in and saw his "online now" icon, or if I saw that he'd left me a message.

We would spend hours every day sitting at our huge computers whenever our parents weren't using the phone. But we didn't really talk in person.

Well, he soon sent me a message asking if I would go out with him. My heart dropped. At age 13, I had no idea what to do.

I called my friend in a panic. While I was dialing, I saw that there was more to the message.

As it turns out, he had left a huge amount of space with another message at the bottom that said he was kidding.

I was so annoyed. I canceled my call, but I told him I would've said "yes."

I thought of it as a joke, and we moved on. A week later, he sent me another message asking me if I'd told anybody he asked me to hang out. I was confused.

I played it off, though. I asked "No. Have you?" He then confirmed that he had told one of his friends he was going out with someone, but he didn't say who. It was then that I realized we were going out.

We were together all of middle school (two years). We broke up freshman year of high school to see other people. Then, we tried again once more. It failed again. After high school, I left to go to San Francisco for school. Two years into college, we met up again and hit it off one more time.

We were just having fun, though. I was in school, and he had signed up for the Air Force. We weren't sure what would happen. But we had so much fun and had become such close friends that we decided to try one more time. Before I knew it, we moved in together.

He was offered an official job in the Air Force, which meant he would go away. We talked about it and he took the job. But he proposed to me right before.

After being in each other's lives for eight years, we got married. Now, it's two years later.

We're coming up on 10 years since we met, and we think back to all the times we could've easily moved away from each other. But somehow, we managed to come back to each other.