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Good Excuses To Leave A Date Early, As Told By Twitter

There is perhaps nothing more awkward than going on a really bad first date.

Sometimes they have disgusting breath, and they're leaning in way, way too close to your face. Sometimes their smile just repulses you. Sometimes they won't shut up about some nerdy interest you care so little about, and your only option is to sip your drink faster so you get drunk enough to forget where you are.

Unless, of course, you make your escape.

But how?

If someone won't stop talking, it can be hard to find a lull in the conversation where you can peace out. If someone is clearly interested in you when you want to get away from them as fast as possible, it can feel rude to just cut the date short so abruptly.

Plus, I don't know about you guys, but every time I've gone on a bad date, the waitress only comes around, like, once every 30 minutes, so you can't even use her as an out by saying, "We'll take the check!" unless you literally set up a bear trap near your table to catch her.

In fact, one time, I was forced to cut a bad date short by just slowly getting up and praying the guy would follow me out of the restaurant (he did, thankfully).

Under the hashtag #ExcusesToLeaveMyDate, people on Twitter are giving all of us their greatest tips for what to say when you need to leave a bad date.

Trust me, you're going to want to write these down.

Seems legit.

This would shock anyone into silence.

Have fun!

Need a tampon?

Hate when that happens!

You do that.

Yeah, grass grows fast this time of year.


Huh, I didn't hear anything.

Good luck!

Praise be!

Well you'd better take care of that!

You're so desirable!

Honestly, same.

Wow, you're a doctor? Admirable!

Don't we all?

Tell her I say hi!

And when all else fails...

Thanks for being honest.

Good luck out there.