10 Reasons To Always Date The Girl Who Wears Her Heart On Her Sleeve

by The Ambrose Girls

Contrary to popular belief, wearing your heart on your sleeve is actually a good thing.

What exactly does this cliché mean?

Well, it means you let yourself fall in love, and you did it fast. You dated a billion guys because you actually took the chances so few girls ever take.

You flirt with a random at the bar, you say yes to date invitations, you move in with your boyfriend of two months and so on…

Many think wearing your heart on your sleeve is dangerous, risky and most importantly, the easiest way to put your most vital organ in jeopardy of getting severely injured.

Sure, all of that is kind of true. But what a depressing way to look at such a rare quality few girls are gifted with!

If you’re a girl who wears her heart on her sleeve, you are all too familiar with the following traits that just prove you’re wearing your heart the way all girls should.

Here's why you should wear your heart on your sleeve:

1. Flirting is way more fun.

“Should I approach that hot guy at the bar?” is a pretty damn simple question for you to answer.

Of course you should! You shake up boring bar banter by being your heart-on-your-sleeve self. You aren’t too shy to be playful and sarcastic.

2. You are ballsier.

You aren’t afraid to blatantly show interest in a guy; you make your intentions known, loud and clear.

When you say, “Let's get out of here,” it is a statement, not a question. Isn’t confidence the most attractive quality a girl can have?

3. You never give up hope.

Even when a date has gone to sh*t, you are sure that just one small change in the universe will turn your night right back around — even if that means ditching the lame date for the guy across the restaurant.

4. Rejection is easier.

It is true: wearing your heart on your sleeve can expose you to rejection. However, since you let yourself fall quicker and more often than the rest of the world, it stings a little less than it would otherwise.

Plus, odds are, the next time you go out, you will find a newbie who sweeps you off your feet right away.

5. You aren’t afraid to at least try.

The “maybe I should have texted,” or, “maybe if I tried harder” questions are never ones you ask yourself because they aren’t even possibilities.

You damn well texted whomever you wanted and you are confident you tried your hardest.

6. You cast a wide net.

When you’re a single bird, you are too flirty and too tempted by every hot guy you see to be tied to just one. Your options are constantly flowing.

If one guy doesn’t work out, it's no tough loss; you have three others you’re flirting with already.

7. You know what you want, when you want it.

When you meet an extra special guy, one you actually want to date, you go for it.

You don’t worry about any logistics or details. You just know he is your guy; he is exactly what you want and you will do your damn best to make sure you get him.

8. You let yourself be in puppy love.

When the honeymoon stage is in full force, you are not afraid to announce from the treetops how in love you are and how great it feels.

You give zero f*cks how many people gag at your daily love selfie with your man.

9. When you love, you really love.

When the honeymoon is over, and real life comes at your relationship, you understand how to love.

You are okay with being selfless. You know love means sometimes being patient and putting up with sh*t you definitely shouldn’t have to put up with.

You let yourself be the “dumb girl” because you love your man wholly, and always see the good in him.

10. You move on with love, not hate.

Even girls who wear their hearts on their sleeves experience breakups. As heartbroken as you are, you accept the fact that you will always love your ex.

You know you won’t ever be “over it” and because of this, you are at peace knowing he is always in your heart. You are able to look back on your relationship with appreciation and you wish him the best, wholeheartedly.

Girls who wear their hearts on their sleeves are a dying breed in our era of cynicism. But, the ones who have this rare and beautiful trait need to protect it.

A guy would be lucky to experience love with a girl who knows exactly how to wear her heart.