10 Ways Girls Hint They Don't Want A Second Date While They're On A First

by Sarah Cueto

First dates can be painfully awkward, especially if they are of the online variety. I have been on many bad first dates. During them, I've put out some or all of these signals to clearly indicate I won't be interested in pursuing a second date. But almost always, the poor guy will follow up – clueless and smitten – for a second date.

There have also been times when I've been on what I considered to be a great first date, only to never hear from the guy again. Go figure. Round and around we go.

Guys, let me help you out here. Don't be the dude who can't read the signs the girl is sending you on your date. We throw them up like signal flares. We can't help ourselves. Practice makes perfect.

Here are the 10 things a girl will do on a first date that will tell you she's not interested in a second:

1. She offers to pay or split the bill.

She doesn't want you to be pissed about the fact that you paid for the whole date after she ghosts you.

2. She asks you if you understand what she's saying.

"You know what I'm saying, right?" *Long pause.*

This means she's searching for your response to the joke she just made or the story she just told. To sum it up, this means she thinks the dude may be completely lost. Mayday, mayday!

3. You initiate physical touch, and she rejects it.

The two of you are walking down the street, and you casually put your arm around her waist. Then, she briefly returns the gesture by wrapping her arm around yours. Only then, she immediately drops it.

Guys, this is just a polite way of saying "no."

4. She asks all the questions.

This is a smoke signal for two key reasons. The first one is, she is trying to keep the conversation going. This means it's not flowing naturally.

The second one is she's not interested in letting you in on anything more about her. Abort mission.

5. She fakes a laugh.

But how do you know she's faking a laugh? Well, it won't reach her eyes.

It'll sound hollow and empty. It'll be short. It'll be all bad. Waiter, may we please have the check?

6. She doesn't sustain eye contact.

She is subconsciously turning down your attempt to connect, which means that (surprise) she feels no connection to you. If even her subconscious doesn't like you, you're toast.

7. She checks her phone.

She may be checking the time, or she may be checking to see if her next Bumble date wants to bump things up so that she can cut yours short. This is a definite sign she has checked out.

8. She "has to get back to you" about her availability for the next date.

You know in your gut that this is just a diversion tactic. She's not Beyoncé busy. She's just looking for an excuse to not commit to round two.

9. She gives zero f*cks.

The date has already gone to hell. It'll look something like this: talking about her ex, having no filter or not feigning interest in anything you have to say. This demonstration means she doesn't give a hoot about potentially scaring you off. Ouch.

10. Her text response time shifts from immediate to taking hours or days.

There's no gentle way to put this: You're donezo, boy. May the odds be ever in your favor.