What Girls Expect Vs What Actually Happens On Valentine’s Day


When it comes to celebrating Valentine's Day, there are two types of people in the world.

On one hand, there are the taken girls who love Valentine's Day because it's pretty much a competitive sport among women to be the envy of all their bae-less besties.

Plus, it's the only socially acceptable day to seriously flaunt how much your amazing boyfriend spoils you with gifts.

On the other hand, there's everyone else who pretty much hates this over-hyped Hallmark holiday, like all the boyfriends who dread shelling out insane amounts of money to make their girlfriends happy.

Not to mention, all those single people out there who get to spend an entire day being constantly reminded they are lonely, loveless losers.

In a way, this lovely holiday is almost like going to a club on New Year's Eve.

You put in lots of careful planning and preparation to ensure you will have the most epic night of your life, and you are so exited you don't even care about emptying out your bank account to buy a ticket for a club you normally go to for free.

Year after year, however, things never really go as planned, and the night always turns out the same way.

You're drunk, alone, disappointed and dangerously close to racking up a few insufficient funds charges on your debit card.

Even if you are lucky enough to share Valentine's Day with someone you love, your expectations of this highly-anticipated occasion will usually leave you pretty pissed with Cupid and ready to swear off any day that revolves around a flying baby armed with arrows once and for all.

Take a look at the pictures below to see what girls expect vs what actually happens on Valentine’s Day.

Expectation: Bae will wake you up with breakfast in bed.

Reality: Bae will wake you up by poking you in the back with his morning wood and then ask you to make breakfast while he stays in bed.

Expectation: Bae will surprise you with jewelry and candy.

Reality: Bae will kill two birds with one stone by getting you this elegant Ring Pop.

Expectation: Bae will put his cooking skills to the test and whip you up a sweet treat.

Reality: Bae will whip you up a sweet treat that gets straight to the point.

Expectation: Your boo will give you a giant bouquet of gorgeous roses.

Reality: Your boo will give you a bouquet from the grocery store across the street.

Expectation: Bae will write you a long, romantic letter, revealing his innermost feelings and undying love for you.

Reality: Bae will have a hard time finding the right words, so he'll just get you this card instead.

Expectation: Your boo will get you a big stuffed bear because he knows how much you like to snuggle.

Reality: Your boo will get you a teddy bear that says what's really on his mind.

Expectation: Your man will take you out for a romantic candlelit dinner date at a fancy restaurant.

Reality: This isn't the exact type of candlelight you had in mind.

Expectation: During dinner, bae will stare into your eyes and tell you how much he loves you.

Reality: During dinner, bae will stare into your eyes and tell you that you have something stuck in your teeth.

Expectation: Bae will surprise you with an expensive, vintage bottle of bubbly.

Reality: Bae will grab a couple of 40s on his way over to your place. Olde English sounds vintage, right?

Expectation: Maybe he'll make the bedroom look extra romantic with lots of rose petals and flickering candles.

Reality: Or, maybe all of those candles will start a very unromantic fire in Bae's messy room.

Expectation: You and bae will have hours of incredible sex.

Reality: The sex will last for about five minutes and then Bae will immediately roll over and start snoring.

Expectation: You and Bae will stay up and talk about your future together until sunrise.

Reality: You and Bae will sit next to each other on your phones in silence.

Expectation: You and Bae will have the most amazing Valentine's date ever.

Reality: You and Bae will get in a fight on the morning of Valentine's Day and you'll drink your feelings alone as you try to ignore the happy couples around you.

Expectation: After it's over, you can't wait to see what Bae will do for next year's Valentines Day.

Reality: After it's over, you will give up on love and buy several cats to fill the void in your empty, black heart.