5 Reasons The Girl You're Crushing On Stopped Texting You Back

Victor Torres

Oh, men. We love and hate you at the same time.

Sometimes, you're just the sweetest. Other times, we can't stand the thought of seeing you again. I suppose this merry-go-round will always persist. However, if you're still waiting on that girl of your dreams, I have something to say to you. Sometimes, you're the one to blame, and you're the reason she stopped texting back.

In fact, below are five times when you royally blew it and ended up in the friend zone, or worse yet, completely abolished from our contact list:

1.  You never actually asked us on a date.

I would think this one would be self-explanatory. Yet, it seems to be a massive issue in today's dating world. Everyone is operating in this grey world of undefined relationships.

"What are we?"

"Oh, you know. We're just casual."

Oh, please. Casual is fine if that's what you're into. But if you actually want us to date you, you have to ask us on a date.

Perhaps you just want to ask us for coffee or a drink. A date doesn't have to be a formal dinner (although that could be nice too).

But please throw the idea out there and let us decide if we want to take you up on your offer or not. Otherwise, we'll get tired of you beating around the bush. So, we'll lose interest. Man up already and just ask.

2. You went on and on about how much you hate being single.

After hearing you confess how lonely and desperate to be in a relationship you are, we lose interest. It's OK to be honest and human. However, if you can't make it on your own, why would we think you could ever add something to our lives?

Let's face it: It's a massive turn on to find a guy who already knows how to hustle on his own. He's not waiting for anyone else's approval to get things done. Contrarily, if you're constantly going on about how single you are, it tells us you're waiting for someone to complete your life.

Once you stop waiting, we start flocking.

3. You didn't have anything you were passionate about.

It's so enticing to be around someone who's truly passionate about something. It adds spice to life. After all, with trying to be an adult, life can become rather dull.

It's intriguing to meet a guy who really cares about something. It draws us in and makes us want to learn more about what he's doing.

If something makes you light up, tell us about it. It doesn't have to be something we're passionate about too. We just want to see you truly care about something. If you can share that with us, believe me: That's sexy.

4. You didn't act interested in anything we cared about.

Contrarily, if we decide to tell you we're passionate about something and you act like it's about as exciting as watching paint dry, we won't feel very connected to you. Instead, we'll feel like what we love doesn't matter to you.

Once you master how to act interested in what we're saying, we'll feel more alive. Any guy who can do that is doing something right. If it matters to the girl of your dreams, then you'd better act like it matters to you too.

5. We never really liked you like that much in the first place.

This one kind of sucks, but it's true. Maybe you were already in the friend zone and just didn't know it. Seriously, being nice is not an indicator that we want to get hitched. You have to be able to tell if a girl likes you or just wants to be friends.

Perhaps flirt and see if she flirts back. If not, you have to understand that you're better off without her, and that your dream girl is somewhere else.