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Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers broke up, following the dramatic  'Love Is Blind: After the Altar...

Did 'Love Is Blind's Giannina & Damian Break Up? She Gave An Update

Is love really blind, after all?

Things are officially over for Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers. And, really, this shouldn’t come as a total shock. The couple did have a rough time at the Love Is Blind: After the Altar reunion special, and that’s putting things lightly. When Powers invited Too Hot To Handle’s Francesca Farago as his date, surprising Gibelli (his on/off girlfriend at the time), it got messy fast. Apparently, too messy.

To be fair, things were already complicated. During the reunion, fans found out that Gibelli and Powers hadn’t spoken in a week and were living separately — though Gibelli did say “He’s mine” when confronting Farago during the special. So, when the reunion finally aired on July 28 (it was filmed last fall, BTW), and Gibelli confirmed her single status, it wasn’t exactly a surprise.

“I am officially single. Me and Damian haven't been dating for a couple of months now. I've moved on. I feel really, really good. I'm definitely at a really good place in my life.” Gibelli told Entertainment Tonight on Aug. 2. “I've processed it all. I'm such at peace.”

Honestly, Gibelli feeling “at peace” sounds like a nice change of pace for her. She and Powers had a rocky relationship from the get-go. I mean, Powers did leave her at the altar in the Love Is Blind finale back in Nov. 2018. Not exactly the easiest relationship hurdle to get over, but the duo managed it. Gibelli summed up the ups and downs of their relationship on IG in March 2020 with a cheeky post, “hey guys meet my ex-fiancé, almost husband, now boyfriend.” But things didn’t exactly calm down since then — if anything, they got more complicated.


Part of the drama with Powers inviting Farago to After the Altar was that there were already rumors circulating around the two of them as an item in Aug. 2020. Powers quickly cleared up the situation in a statement to E! News: “Over the past week, I have been in L.A. with my attorney, Alex Ion, pursuing new projects and business ventures. Francesca and I both share the same attorney.” According to Powers, the duo was only ever just friends — something he underlined again when he brought her as a date without giving Gibelli a heads up.

The good news is that Gibelli is seeing the silver lining in her breakup. “You definitely learn from all different kinds of love. I definitely learned from that. In a relationship, we were just very different, and I think that’s very clear,” she explained to Entertainment Tonight. “There’s nothing wrong with that, opposites really attract, but with us, it’s just I guess the way that we communicated, we didn’t really understand what the other was trying to say. It was constantly like that.” Whether or not Powers feels the same way is uncertain; he still hasn’t commented on the split announcement.

Although love might not be blind for this duo, Gibelli at least sounds happy with how things turned out. Happy for her!