Guy Ghosted By Girl Who's Being Investigated For Murder


This week, we have Allan* who was just getting over a breakup with a girlfriend who cheated on him, only to be ghosted by the next girl he let himself fall for:


It's not very often we get male submissions to "Boom, Ghosted," so I'm super grateful to Allan for having the courage to submit his story.

I don't know about you, but it's ALWAYS interesting for me to hear about being ghosted from the perspective of the male—especially one who has been guilty of ghosting women in the past.

I like to think I, as a girl, could maybe understand where the girl who ghosted him was coming from. In this case, though, I've got to be honest... I don't really get it.

Why go to the trouble of telling him all of this deep and personal stuff about yourself if you were just going to bail?

Maybe she got scared? That's the best reason I could come up with. That, or the feds finally got her for that murder investigation.

What do you guys think of all of this? Do you get where she was coming from? Do you sympathize with his point of view? Comment your thoughts below! I'm always curious about your thoughts and feelings.

*Names have been changed.