7 Creative Ways To Be A “Ghost” This Halloween, Inspired By The Guy Who Didn’t Text You Back

by Alexia LaFata
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Fall is officially upon us, which means so is Halloween. Whether you've been obsessing over finding the perfect costume or given it a very fleeting thought, let me point you in the direction of your best idea yet: ghost costumes for Halloween. And no, I'm not talking about being an actual ghost with the white sheet and the two holes for eyes or whatever, because that is LAME. I'm talking about ghosting. You know, the thing that guy from Bumble did to you two months ago that you're still not over and use as a barometer for how terrible men are.

Ghosting in the dating world sucks. You put all of your energy into a person, only for them to completely disappear, and your entire relationship becomes defined by that one last text you sent to them that went unanswered. Technology has lessened the need for actual human interaction so much that it's now the norm to simply disregard someone's existence. It's dumb. But ghosting for Halloween? Genius! And what better way to overcome something tragic than by turning it into a creative, awesome joke? Plus, being ghosted is arguably scarier than an actual ghost, so you're really getting into the spirit with this one.

Here are seven creative ways you can dress up as a "ghost" this Halloween.

1. An Actual Ghost Costume With Texts On It

Take that white sheet with the two holes for eyes that I just told you was lame (or buy one here, you lazy weirdo) and tape a bunch of angry, unanswered texts all over it. Voila! Ghosting.

2. An iPhone With A Ghosting Convo

Wear all black, silver, gold, or rose gold (whichever iPhone color you want to be). Then, print out a text conversation that resulted in a ghost, tie a string across the top of the paper, and wear it around your neck all night. To make it look the most realistic, I recommend you stage a conversation with your friend on iMessage (make sure it's very clearly a ghost), screenshot the conversation, blow it up at Staples, and use that as your costume.

Here's an idea for a convo:

YOU: Still on for tonight? PERSON: Yes! See you then! *time stamp* YOU: I had a great time! Would love to see you again. :)


If you want your ghost conversation to be a little more emotional, here's another idea:

YOU: Hey, just got out of work. Hope you had a good day. Wanna FaceTime later? PERSON: Can't. Busy tonight. YOU: Oh, OK. YOU: Thinking of you. Hope everything's good. YOU: Hey, how are you? YOU: Hey


3. The Last Person Who Ghosted You

This one will make your friends LOL, especially if they know exactly what your ghoster looks like from all the screenshots of their Instagram you sent them. You likely just need a normal outfit that you can find in your (or a friend's) closet, so this one's easy. Take it to another level by making a sign with the last text you sent your ghoster and wearing it around your neck all night.

If you want to be the last guy who ghosted me, wear navy chinos and a white button down (tucked into the chinos, obviously) and carry around a Barbour messenger bag. Talk about how much you want to go to law school, then never actually apply!

4. The Last Person Who Ghosted You As A Ghost

Put your ghoster's clothes from costume three on top of a white sheet with two holes for eyes. Now, you are a legit ghost, per multiple definitions of the word.

5. A F*ckboy

Oh, you've never been ghosted, so you don't have anyone to dress up as for costumes three and four? Good for you! And by that, I mean f*ck you!

Take that trusted white sheet with holes again, and add some general f*ckboy elements. Some options: pastel or gingham button down, loafers, a pinny, a backwards hat, or Sperrys. There's also the breed of f*ckboy who wears a leather jacket and reads Tolstoy, so you can do that, too.

6. Text And Read Receipt

To embody exactly what happens when a text message goes unanswered, you are a text and your friend/partner/whoever is a read receipt. Once again, both of you wear your favorite iPhone color, create signs for the text and the read receipt, and wear them around your neck all night.

My suggestion: Do a text of, "What are you up to tonight?" and have your friend's read receipt say 8:00 p.m. Nothing worse than texting someone in the early weekend evening, thus making it obvious that you want to hang out, and being left on read.

7. A Ghosting Ghost

Throw on that white sheet with holes, and then, leave in the middle of every conversation you're having at your party. You are now a ghost doing actual ghosting. This one requires some acting skills, but I believe in you.

Ready to leave people with deep emotional scars??? Go for it, you ghost.

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