7 Reasons To Finally Get Rid Of The Lingering F*ckboys In Your Life

by Alexandra Mullane
Danil Nevsky

Everyone has dealt with a f*ckboy at some point. These are the guys who suck the time out of your life, rip your heart out and usually move on because the idea of hooking up with one person scares them.

To be blatant, these boys suck. There are so many reasons you should get them out of your life, but if you are already stuck in their trap, consider these reasons to cut them out of your life for good:

1. They will let you down.

F*ckboys don't really care about their obligations to you, and they certainly don't want to do anything that signifies an interest in commitment.

Chances are, if you left everything up to him, you'd be left with no plans and the disappointing feeling of being let down. Get rid of this guy now before you have to suffer through that.

2. They cause more unhappiness than happiness.

F*ckboys consistently let you down and play mind games that overall make you more unhappy than anything else. This can affect your overall mood and end up making you more irritated.

You never get what you want from this f*ckboy and are constantly in a fight. Do yourself a favor and end it with him.

3. Your friends hate them.

Friends hate f*ckboys. They hate seeing you dragged down by these awful boys.

They aren’t worth your time, but you don’t see that. You just take these f*ckboys' sweet nothings and eat them up.

You need to stop. If your friends hate him, he probably isn’t good enough for you.

Scratch that. He definitely isn’t good enough for you.

If your friends truly hate someone in your life, it should be taken as a red flag that the person probably should not be in your life.

4. They value short-term rewards over long-term rewards.

They would rather go to the kegger the night before their test than study. They choose the one night- stand over the rewards of a long-term relationship.

You can be the best thing that has ever happened to them, but they will still choose the short, fun chase the second they can. This is the immaturity of a f*ckboy.

When dealing with a f*ckboy, you have to realize that you will never get commitment. You are essentially spending time on someone who will never value the long-term value of a relationship over the short-term value of quick sex.

Cut your losses and move on.

5. They take time away from you doing you.

F*ckboys are time suckers. They take away all of your time and won’t feel bad about it. If anything, they’ll get mad that they wasted so much time on you while they could have been out getting laid.

That being said, the mind games along with the normal amount of time relationships take up significantly affect how much time you have to focus on yourself.

You have to take a step back and question if this person is really worth it. If you’re dealing with a f*ckboy, then your time would be better spent working on yourself.

Regardless of whether you spend your newfound time on working out, building your friendships, studying more or just pursuing a hobby, it is better spent that way than on a f*ckboy.

6. They never keep their promises.

“Hey, do you want to go on a date Thursday?” or “Do you want to come to my next function?” is usually followed by, “Something came up Thursday. I have to go do something with the boys, sorry,” or “This is moving so fast. I think I need to take someone else to the function because it’s freaking me out.”

F*ckboys will never keep the promises they make to you. It sucks, but it’s the truth.

If you can’t trust someone, and everything he says is inconsistent, it’s another sign he should be out of your life.

7. You’re missing out on the opportunity to meet someone decent.

Think about it: You know this guy sucks. You can be in denial and ignore the fact as much as you would like, but at the end of the day, you realize that the person you’re with is a f*ckboy, especially if you are reading this.

That being said, you are missing out on other opportunities. What about that cute boy in your math class? What about the cute boy you have run into a couple times, but are afraid to talk to?

By wasting your time on a f*ckboy, you are missing out on the potential to meet someone who will really rock your world.