The Art Of Making Women Chase You

by Anonymous

The penultimate gauge for men in life is to have women lined up chasing them at any opportunity. It’s a fact of life: men would not work exhaustibly, make uncountable heaps of cash, or go through such lengths of personal hygiene and home décor if it were not for women.

No, no man has ever gotten an erection because of a solid gold Rolex; but they have gotten an erection from the cleavage that this gold watch reveals in record time. We are not talking about a Bieber-fever craze, mobs of underage girls gunning for your loins; rather, this is the daily life of being pursued by gorgeous, impeccable women.

Life’s adolescent lessons will surely be learned in time: the majority of Generation-Y will soon learn how to deal with their first mortgage, or, first bounced check. But the most important financial lesson learned is to economize on your sex appeal: you are going to spend a tenth of your money courting women, about a third of your money to marry a women, and half your net worth to divorce her. With such a heavy investment, its time you learned to make these pricey bed-trophies flock to you with the least amount of wasted cost-potential.

Bedonomics 101, Gentlemen.

Contrary to popular belief, looks are not correlative to success to the female demographic. Of course, there has to be a natural attraction to spark an initial interest. But a decidedly methodological approach to the game is true means to success.

We had an opportunity to sit with sex and relationship expert, Logan Levkoff, Ph.D. NYU, and undergrad at UPenn, and a few of the most beautiful faces that Ford Models LA has to offer to gain some insight on the state of the game.

Although every woman will differ in her personal reservations when pursuing an Elite man, there are some defining characteristics that consistently appeal to the women you will be courting.

Before you set your approach and embark on your quest of love, may we heed some advice: If You Are Getting One Word Answers, PULL BACK

You Get One Shot & One Shot Only

There are few aptly comparable situations where the first impression is everything. So it is key you learn how to control her perception of your presence. The woman you are with silently scrutinizes every detail—including your cologne, fashion, and elocution. The goal here is to avoid giving off the impression she would expect from a second rate, unequipped suitor. Exude confidence without rolling into the talking points of your newly acquired Ferrari Italia 458—this isn’t an interview for your local country club. By coming across as totally confident and secure right off the bat, you will become instantly magnetic to women. Make the woman understand there is depth, and therein cause for her to be curious.

No One Wants The Easy Ones

Sorry, but having women chase you unfortunately means that you’re going to need to fall back on the one night stand approach. And we do not mean totally inebriated, careless sex. Women over the age of 20 typically stop falling victim to $20 shots of watered down Patron being poured down their throats in hopes to cash in for the easy prize. This only shows you are unoriginal (and probably just out of college): NOT something you want. Come across as powerful—and every powerful decision comes from an executive. Do not be the easy guy, or else you will see your power diminish correspondingly. No one ever blew the president of the local community board’s dick. Be Bill Clinton.


Inquisitive Engagement

By this step you’ve solidified her attraction. No, she isn’t exactly dropping to her knees, but she is definitely intrigued. Once a woman thinks of you in a particular way, she's likely to keep thinking of you in that way. This step is the first tier of proving ground that you will have to conquer. The goal is to solidify your intelligence and worth. If you put off a false persona at the introduction do not break character. However, under no circumstances do you go for the typical douche bag questions: “Do you come here often?” “Do you have a boyfriend?” or “Who are you here with?” All are no-go’s. If you think you are Elite enough to be chased by women, you’ll have to learn some wit and quick.

(Insider advice: read a few acts of Much Ado About Nothing, or The Importance of Being Earnest for reference)

Perfect Your Timing

Engage her interests, leave an impact, and walk away—physically, digitally, and socially. The importance of timing this down to seconds is a true art. It is important to understand that you are constantly on the verge of fucking things up; this is a basic algebraic curve, the more time you spend talking out of your ass while downing tequila means a greater chance of you coming off as that typical club douche-bag. If she just left your side to get in a cab, there is no need to follow up with a series of 7-scroll texts recapping how great it was to meet her. Avoid your reluctant urges to show signs of desperation.

Stay Detail Oriented

Possibly the only thing that we are sure of in regards to women is that they love when great attention is paid to them. Not in a desperate manner like the rest of the sorority girls you’ve encountered in your college days, but rather a man’s ability to recognize the details and subtle nuances that she exhibits. So after the first encounter, begin to get personal. Compliment her on something other than her ass and eyes; drop the signs that there is interest without asking her into the bathroom stall; let her know that she was in your dream the other night and keep rolling into the rest of the story. Never tell her it was a fantasy, but rather let her know that she’s in your thoughts even when she’s not around. She’ll become addicted to hearing more.

Mental Warfare

If you’ve made it this far, just know that you’re executing as well as Will Smith in Hitch. Even though the movie was terrible, the point is you’re 90% there. This is where true psychological warfare comes into play. Under no circumstances do you buckle and profess your love. To make women chase you, you need to make women think about you instead of the other way around. This is masterful reverse-psychology.

One way to make that happen easily is this: Decline or ignore any first advances or invitations you receive from a woman. Even better, make yourself look busy and in demand. If you are actually busy, that is even better. Tell her, “Oh, you want to hang out on Friday? Geez, I don't know. I have this other thing going on, and I don’t know if my boss will let me out of it.” Then surprise by being suddenly at a pressing moment.

Do this right, and she won’t be able to stop thinking about you.


The Mind Fuck

You clearly see the flicker of a potential flame, and now it is time to ignite the burners. Flipping the tables and making yourself the dominant figure is possibly the most crucial aspect of engaging a full fledged chase. To get women to chase you, you have to turn the tables. That means making women qualify themselves to you. In other words, take power in the situation by framing yourself as the selector. It can be as simple as asking, “What makes you more interesting than the other girls I’ve dated?” Or, “What are three things a guy would like about you, and please don't say 'looks.'” Do this in a sarcastic, joking way, and women will be drawn into the conversation, guaranteed.


Be The Perfect Amount of Asshole

Once you’ve garnered their trust and attention, it’s time to pour gasoline on the flame. By no means is this a cue to disrespect her in any way, but this one’s basic: If you can get a beautiful woman to laugh, you can get her to do anything. This is psychological fact. So make a woman laugh, and no matter how unattainable she seems, she’ll be drawn to you because of the positive feelings you stir in her—feelings she just can't ignore.


Hold Your Ground

When you initially met this beautiful young woman, your goal was to not be an open book. You can do this by simply not introducing yourself until she asks your name or by using the power of “maybe.” Tell her, “Listen, I have to get back to my friends, but maybe I'll see you later.”

Bottom line: Suspense and mystery is the epitome of creating attraction.

Let Her Chase You Into Bed

There is nothing like waking up with a sense of gratification and achievement as the beautiful stranger which you initially assumed you had no chance with lies peacefully by your side. By this time, you’re buckling at the knees to become the pushover that you once were, right? The same guy that we caught trying to slide his hands up a discerning young woman’s dress at Day & Night. Yeah, we’ve seen you all over the place. But for some reason, it seems as though your whole aura has changed. You’re no longer the buffoon cat calling inebriated women that are trying to hail cabs on 10th Ave.

Ride The Wave & Repeat

Wow, you must read Elite Daily. You’ve successfully transformed yourself into a better man. We are proud of you. Welcome to Manhood. All we ask is the assurance that you shall never digress again.