The 10 Ways You're Turning Off Women Without Even Realizing It

by Contributing Writer

Amidst your efforts to score, you may have unknowingly turning off oodles of women. That’s right, you may guilty of one or more fatal fatal faux pas in the art of seduction.

So, to circumvent this sad sexual reality, let’s check out the top 10 ways to turnoff a woman. Next time you head out at night, keep these tips in mind to turn your luck around.

1. Horrible, Dirty Shoes

It seems like a lot of women have more shoes than socks and underwear combined. Among other things (crazy expendable budget, love for shoes, etc.) this teaches us that women probably pay attention to footwear on others.

So, if you opt for dirty, mismatched, horrible shoes, you may repel women. It’s not that women are shallow, but first impressions do count. Nice shoes tend to last a lot longer, so get a pair, keep them clean and you’ll be looking great next time you approach a lady.

2. Bad Smells

Bad breath and unpleasant body odor are huge turnoffs for men and women alike. Why would anyone choose to date somebody with a stinky mouth?

It’s impossible to have even a good conversation comfortably. Keep that halitosis in check; since you never know who you may encounter, your mouth should be fresh at all times.

3. Being Wasted

Alcohol diminishes our inhibitions, but there’s no reason to lose control. Being wasted is not impressive to women. Keep your act together because nobody likes to chat with a guy who slurs uncontrollably.

4. Public Humiliation

Persistence is key, but persisting to the point of catalyzing a loud, public rejection should not be the goal.

Maybe it seems that this situation is impossible to avoid, that the reactions of others are unpredictable. But it’s not true.

If you get rejected after an approach, smile, say something like, “I understand, it was a pleasure meeting you,” and walk away gracefully. This will likely make her feel like crap and reduce your chances of public humiliation.

5. Negative Attitude

No woman wants to be with a guy who constantly depresses her. We score when we manage to make women feel good, so if you put out a negative vibe, you’re likely not getting lucky.

6. Cockiness

Although cockiness works with some girls (mostly those who are underage), most 20-something women aren’t into it. Cockiness highlights your narcissism and narcissism does not impress women (or anyone, truly). A guy who only speaks about about how great he is simultaneously shows women how unattractive he is.

7. No Space

Don’t invade her space in the pursuit to pick her up. Getting physically too close to a woman while flirting with her can be sleazy and, potentially, can come across as predatory. Talk for a while, feel the vibe, let her make the choice if she wants to stand close to you, or touch.

8. Embarrassing Friends

It’s likely you have a few embarrassing friends — most of us do. If your group of friends is full of loud drunks, you’ll have a tough time convincing a girl that you’re a different kind of guy. If you’re going out to meet women, the key is to bring friends who won’t destroy your image.

9. Be a Real Man

Real men don’t get into stupid brawls when offended. They’re sensitive but not unreasonable; most importantly, they respect women. Don’t let her see that her rejection or insult is affecting you.

10.   Lack of Confidence

An overwhelming sense of insecurity is guaranteed to help you fail with women. The key to success is to continue to approach women until it becomes natural. You’ll feel confident once you feel comfortable.

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