Why All Gen-Y Men Need To Date An Older Woman At Least Once In Their Lives

Money, experience, sex and no commitment from a woman... Let’s face it, jokingly, that’s every 20-something-year-old man’s dream, but in reality it’s exactly what you need. Having a “sugar mama” will have an impact on your life that will do much more than your average one-night stand. Here are the reasons every Gen-Y male needs to date an older woman:

Money means nothing

First and foremost, you’re broke (or something close to it) and this woman is steady in her career. Fancy dinners and drinks are usually out of the question, but when you’re invited by the infamous “cougar,” you better accept the invitation and prepare yourself for a good time. Instead of blowing money on shots for women your age who are self-indulgent and don’t give a rat's ass about your life, prepare yourself for someone who wants to listen, learn and laugh just as much as you do.

You will want to let your walls down because this woman wants the energetic and ambitious man she can let loose with. If she insists on paying (which is mind-blowing to us guys) then you should accept, but be polite and insist that you pay for yourself. You my friend, are now the prey.

Wait… what do you mean I don’t have to play games to get her to go out with me?

That’s right. No Tinder, Facebook and pretending you’re some peasant who has to beg for a date. Screw all of those things you hate doing. She’s most likely going to ask you out. Perhaps going out for a couple drinks at the bar, going off to see a movie or a quick trip to Mexico: she wants to enjoy herself with you. These women aren’t afraid to say the things they are thinking, whether it's how gorgeous YOU look or that she wants to take you home.

She knows what she wants… Talk about an ego boost right? And you know those awkward pauses when you pretend to look at your phone or take an extra sip of your drink that you’re so used to? Forget it because there isn’t one with this woman. She is so confident in herself that she makes you feel like you can breathe normally. Yes, that means you can just be yourself.

No strings attached doesn’t mean just sex.

Don’t get me wrong, you’re going to likely get laid and enjoy it, but it goes much deeper than that. Neither one of you wants a true relationship, but you both want someone around. We all get lonely and want someone to cuddle with every once in a while, but it’s more than that. Sex for men is often just a physical desire, we don't require love to commit to the act, but she will satisfy you in the bedroom and even more so outside of it.

Because men of our generation are as lost as small children in the middle of Narnia, some guidance is needed in this time of our lives. She is going to be able to give you advice, teach you many life lessons and show you a thing (or two) about your emotions. You will most likely not marry this woman, but she can be a friend, a teacher and a lover. Just know that she is probably getting just as much in return from you.

You need to rule out any expectations when considering a “relationship” like this; don’t feel bad when she doesn’t seem to fit the picture of your future wife.

Go out, have a few drinks and have some fun.

Photo courtesy: American Pie