Why It’s More Than Okay To Be With A Woman Who Makes More Money Than You

Times are a changing – finally. Slowly changing… but changing nonetheless. It’s entirely fathomable that women may one day soon be treated as equals. Imagine that... what a different world it would be.

Well, treated entirely as equals may as of yet still be a stretch, but it looks like sometime soonish, women will be treated as equals in the workplace.

Or at least, their salaries will appear to be the same as their male counterparts’. Right now, women make about 20-30 percent less than men working identical positions, which – believe it or not – is an improvement.

The gap is still huge, but it’s likely to change in the coming decades. What’s even more likely to happen is men will start noticing that their women are making more money than they are. Plenty of such relationship dynamics are already in place today.

If only men were capable of being excited about the fact that their women are bringing home even more bread and butter than they are... You’d think they would be, seeing as how the family as a whole is bringing in more income and able to use that money to benefit all members.

The problem is that just about all men were raised believing that the man is the breadwinner in the family and that it’s his responsibility to bring home the paycheck. Too many men allow their egos to get the better of them and become jealous of their partners' earnings and ashamed of their own.

Guys… there’s no reason to be embarrassed. If anything, you should be extra proud. Here’s why:

1. For starters: You found a woman who makes more money than you.

Congratulations! Why does it matter whether it’s you bringing in most of it or the woman you love? You’re more than likely going to both be spending it all yourselves anyway. You’ll take better vacations together.

You'll be able to afford a better home, better car, better clothes, better schools for your children. You’ll be able to save more and possibly retire even sooner. You should consider yourself blessed to have found a woman who is not only beautiful and intelligent, but a shark just as well. Can you say “power couple”?

2. You should be happy that you can both do what you love and make good money doing it.

Hopefully, because you’re both bringing in incomes, you were able to find careers that you’re passionate about.

If as the man you haven’t, then maybe you can work a little bit less for a few months while you pursue your actual dreams. If your partner is making more money than you, and it’s good money, then you have a lot more freedom to accomplish the goals you had to put on the backburner in order to just pay the bills.

The same goes vice versa. If the positions are switched, then the man can pick up the slack while the woman pursues her passions – at least until her passions can bring in a profit. The point is that having two great incomes makes dropping one of them possible in order to pursue bigger dreams.

If you are a man in such a position then you should be counting your lucky stars for bringing you an angel who can carry the financial load while you push to create an even better life for you both. You’re a team after all.

3. A bit of friendly competition will only do you good.

Competition is a good thing – a very good thing. Especially when both sides are playing by the rules and treating each other with respect. Now, imagine a relationship where on top of playing fair and treating each other with respect, you throw love and care into the mix.

Now you have someone who isn’t only your competition, but also your partner – there to motivate you, push you, keep you focused and catch you if you fall. This is the ideal relationship between two people – a relationship that strives constantly to improve, to be better, to be stronger and to live fuller.

If your woman is making more money than you, then take it as a reason to push yourself harder. Use it as fuel for that fire that burns inside you and push until you up the ante and she has to step her game up.

This isn’t just about money anymore. This can help improve every area of your life together.

4. You love her because she is who she is – and she seems to be a woman who makes more money than you do.

So be it. If you’re happy with your life and your career choices, and you love the woman whom you’re with, then money doesn’t really matter. You love her because you love her. You love her regardless of whether she makes tons of money or no money.

You love her regardless of how she looks, what mood she is in, what words she said that she later regretted. You love her because you love her and nothing should ever change that – most definitely not something so trivial as your respective salaries.

If you can’t handle your woman making more money than you, then you may want to take a cold, hard look at yourself. Why are you so insecure?

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It

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