Gentlemen, Why You Should Just Skip Valentine's Day If You're Not In Love

by Paul Hudson

Man oh man, do I hate Valentine’s Day. I have no issue with what it "stands for," but I do have an issue with what it usually entails. Valentine’s Day is a day to devote entirely to the woman you love.

However, most guys don’t see it as such. Just think about how you usually end up spending your Valentine’s Day and tell me whether it’s wholly in the spirit of the holiday.

Almost certainly not. More than likely you spend it with some girl you don’t care much about because you – for whatever reason – felt that you were obligated to do something on the holiday, as if not "celebrating" it would have been… wrong?

I can’t say I really understand why men force themselves to participate when they would be better off ignoring the holiday entirely. Don’t let society pressure you into wasting time and money on the 14th of February. There are plenty of reasons you should be flying solo. Here are a few:

1. Valentine’s Day Should Only Be Spent With The Woman You Love.

If you’re not in love, then what the hell are you trying to do exactly? I can understand feeling the need to get close to someone, but you can’t fake real emotions. The only thing you can do is act on your physical desires – which I can relate to. But there are far better days and ways to get laid.

If you’re going to celebrate Valentine’s Day then celebrate it the way it’s supposed to be celebrated: with the girl you love. If you’re not in love, go about your day as if the holiday didn’t exist.

Or go and buy your mother, your sister and your grandmother some roses. They’ll appreciate the gesture more than that random drunk chick you met at the bar last week.

2. It’s Far Too Expensive A Holiday If All You’re Doing Is Trying To Get It In.

If you’re going out on Valentine’s to get some action – which I can understand feeling pressured to do – then rethink your strategy. If the goal is just to get some good lovin’ between the sheets, then there are much cheaper ways of accomplishing that than spending $200 on a prix fixe dinner and a box of chocolates and/or a gigantic teddy bear that she has no room for in her apartment.

If going out to bars to pick up women is what usually works for you, then why change your strategy? And who even says that you’re guaranteed any sex after you dish out all that cash?

3. There Definitely Will Be Singles Events In Your Area.

Valentine’s Day is great at reminding people how much it sucks to be alone. What a joyous holiday! So there will surely be tons of sad and horny women looking to meet a guy who isn’t a complete douchebag.

There are plenty of singles events to go to in order to meet a new woman. If these sorts of events aren’t your thing then you can always go to your local watering hole and surely find several lonely souls for you to undress and manhandle until the wee hours of the morning.

4. If It’s Early In The Relationship, Valentine’s Could Ruin Everything.

Valentine’s Day puts a lot of pressure on young relationships. There’s an uncertainty of what is expected. Is dinner enough? Should you buy a gift? How much should you spend on it?

If you are in one of those transitional periods between regular booty call, friends with benefits or occasional sex partner to a dating situation, then there is a lot of uncertainty with whether or not you’re even allowed to ask the other person out for Valentine’s. Valentine’s Day is a serious holiday for those in some sort of a relationship.

The things you do and the way you act on this holiday set the bar for the rest of your relationship. Set it too high and you could be screwed later on when the romance retreats.

Set it too low and you could be sending the wrong message. Avoid it all together and be out of town that day for something that you can't reschedule. Plus, you can then watch and see if she just finds some other poor schmuck to take her out for a Valentine’s dinner. If that’s the case, then you dodged a bullet, my friend.

5. It’s Just Another Day Of The Week… Don’t You Have Something More Productive To Do?

If you have no one special in your life and aren’t especially in the mood to go gallivanting about looking for fresh ass, then why not just stay focused on what’s most important to you? You surely have quite a bit on your plate and could use the day to get ahead on your work. Maybe catch up on your reading or run some errands.

Valentine’s Day is just another day if you refuse to accept it for what some will argue as the made up holiday that it is. Your life and your goals shouldn’t have to be sidelined because of some chubby, dwarf-looking angel with a friggin’ bow and arrow.

There’s surely enough going on in your life to distract you as it is; you don’t have to accept Valentine’s as a mandatory distraction and removal from your goals. Why not just ignore the holiday entirely and keep doing you?

Top Photo Courtesy: We Heart It