Its Not Love, Its Raw Sex Genius

Every women on this earth is capable of some extraordinary feats. Women can get wet without water, bleed without injury, make boneless things hard and turn a man into a slave with a single look. It's safe to say that without women, us men would do absolutely nothing all day but smoke weed and watch football.

They are the ones that drive us to engage in the vicious competition that consumes our lives each day. As the great Tony Montana once said, "in this country, first you get the money, then you get the power and then and only then you get the women." We will always love women, no matter how much they fuck up our hearts and brains in the process.

We try to impress women with everything we do. Why? Because when you see George Clooney walking around with Stacey Keibler at his age, you know she is not there for his looks and his prescribed cialis. A great woman seems like the key to a happy life. It sounds so simple, until raw sex gets involved.

The idea of raw sex explains why there will always be a power struggle between the two sexes. Women have taken down empires, broken friendships, caused bloodshed and have even eaten from the tree of life. How did they manage to do all these things without being completely wiped off the earth? Because they possess one of the most powerful forces known to mankind: the vagina.

Lets face it, we as men can be idiots sometimes, well maybe all the time but we cover it up pretty well. We are actually dumb enough to believe that we have the same emotional depth as women. What we don't realize is that the male race is immune to these feelings, as we can never experience the same type of infatuation and attachment that dominates the female mind time and time again.

We are even so dumb that we will mistake the feeling of raw sex for true love. We take a short term feeling and stretch it out to believe it's a lot more meaningful than it really is. Raw sex is kryptonite, it makes us weak and vulnerable and slaves to our women.

It all starts with the cuddle session after some mind-blowing sex. Your right arm loses all of its blood circulation in this position which stimulates your mind to believe that because sex feels so damn good, this must be what everyone is talking about when they speak of true love.

This leads us to mistake two different feeling that have absolutely nothing to do with each other. We as men are whores and are less faithful than LeBron James was to the Cavaliers. The feeling of love is not something we will ever have the mental capacity to understand because all it takes is a younger, tighter and hotter 18 year old to walk by for that "love" to go right out the window.

For us men, the most humbling moment of our lives is our first experience with raw sex. It feels so good that it screws with our heads. We become distracted by how great it is that we enter a stage of addiction, craving insertion like we won't survive without it. The high of raw sex is a euphoria that gives us the impression that this is in fact the very reason we are alive, and the thought of not having it for an extended period of time is a nightmare in itself.

But that's no excuse to be stupid. Just because it feels good and she's hugging you right after you've busted doesn't mean it's love. It is in our human nature to have sex, we love it, we think about it all the time and when we do it raw, the best way possible, we become attached.

There is a difference between love and attachment. Here is a great example: when a dog pees on a fire hydrant, it feels that it belongs to him and no one else should piss on it. He enjoys it, he is attached to it but it doesn't mean he loves it.

When a guy has raw sex with a girl, he mistakes the feelings he has for her vagina for the girl. Too bad it's not really the girl that you love, it's her vagina. Raw sex is a gift, but it doesn't mean that the person who gave it to you should be treasured just as much as the sex itself.

The victim will do anything for more of it like a crackhead, and is now under the impression that the girl belongs to him just like the dog feels like the fire hydrant is his as well. It is nothing more than our alpha characteristic of feeling the entitlement of something being ours after we enjoy it so much. Because the feeling is something we love so much, we never want to lose it, and that's when we fall into the trap of thinking that our craving for raw sex is indeed falling in love.

Sure it's a great feeling, but it is nothing near actually being in love. We like to hold on to what is ours, especially when it makes our toes curl and our knees shake. Up until the man realizes he's only using his girl for sex, his girl will control him and fuck up his life, taking away his balls and dignity in the process. He becomes a bitch, a slave, a pet who will do whatever his woman says because she can give him the sex that he feels makes his life whole.

Raw sex means that you're willingly accepting the negative ends of sex — babies and/or stds — if you're willing to do this you're forcing yourself to believe that you trust and love this partner which leads to mountains of stress and bad decisions.

You are not you when you think you are in love, and the distraction this feeling ignites is what has been destroying the souls of men for ages. Don't make the same mistake. You love sex. Congratulations, you're finally realizing what it means to be a man.

Chase Hitchens | Elite.