The Importance Of Acting On Chivalry

Chivalry, by definition of the New Oxford American Dictionary, means, “the medieval knightly system with its religious, moral, and social code.” It was a term that came to prominence in the Medieval Era in Europe defining a man, especially a knight, who stood for a code of honor, integrity, justice and truth.

The knight believed in the equality of men. These men were heroes in the eyes of their kingdom and their lords, as they would live up to a word that today seems to be diminishing in use within the new leaders of tomorrow--chivalry.

Chivalry, to many people today, is nothing but a historical phrase that only applied to a certain group of courageous, noble and heroic men in the Medieval Era. Some may believe chivalry was a frivolous term simply thrown around like the terms “dope” or “clutch” today. People realize those men were mentally bound to a distinct code of honor, code of social rules and code of justice rights. However, that can easily change, starting with you.

Chivalry, in simple terms, means to have standards, codes and beliefs towards a vast majority of subjects and issues in today’s society that could be considered living up to a gentleman’s guidebook. Now, to start becoming a chivalrous person isn’t an easy step, but nonetheless it is an important step. Why? Becoming a chivalrous person is a significant step to take because it designates you as someone important and special within Generation-Y.

Having a set of codes and morals in an inspired and youthful person is a rarity, as many people of our generation have just a vague sense of codes and morals that they live by each day. Sure, you will have your “pleases” and “Thank yous” from people, but those are just a piece of a sprinkle of the vast amount of ingredients comprising the supreme sundae of a chivalrous person.

Many people, even those outside of Generation Y, are VERY easily influenced by outside forces in regards to what is right and wrong, left or right. In this seemingly common situation, it is time to rise up from those influences and to create your own and become a leader.

The fact is that many people are looking for a guiding force to tell them what is right or wrong because our society is, let's face it, wacked, crazy, out of control. Religion is no longer a huge factor within the community as with the Baby Boomers and the Generations before them.

Having even an ounce of chivalry will set you apart from the rest of the crowd being easily plagued by the tiny things in life with neither sentimental nor financial meaning. You shouldn’t fall into that trap--the trap in which people are clueless regarding what their personal beliefs are and look upon others, who can sometimes be a bad influence, following a path that is flooded with millions of sheep following the same foolish ideals.

This is your time, Elite. This is your time to become the person that over 500 years ago entire villages, even kingdoms and empires, looked up to: A select group of individuals that had an established set of codes and morals that they honored each day, perfecting themselves as individuals.

Today, it may seem to have disappeared, but you can be the change that people look for. It's time to get on your high horse and ride the trail of excellence. Become the new face of modern chivalry.

Marc Meschnig | Elite.