The Ideal Men Of The Past And Why You Need To Be Like Them

by Anonymous

During Hurricane Sandy, my family and I were without power or cable for days. I charged my laptop at a (pretty) nearby Dunkin Donuts and used it to watch Dean Martin’s Celebrity Roasts for days on end. I am in love with Dino and, yes, I am aware that he is dead.

The quality time I spent with him, via my laptop, led me to the realization that I am more obsessed with a good deal of iconic men of the past than any currently “hot” celebs. This got me thinking- what can guys today learn from the stars of yesterday?

I am using my favorite classic celebrity males because, well, this is my article. Some people may suggest different names as being the “ideal” men of the past, but if I ever traveled back in time, the first stop on my itinerary would be the bedrooms of any of these three men.

Dean Martin

These words from The Godfather said it best: you just can’t beat that “olive oil voice and guinea charm.” Granted, that was about someone else but the quote still applies! Dean had olive skin, Italian good looks, and a voice to match. As the designated “wino” of the Rat Pack, Dino made the ladies swoon with every note. They still call him the “King of Cool” for a reason.

Dino’s career was based on him drinking, singing with his friends, and sometimes making a fool of himself. His confidence and self-assurance was unmatched. He was cocky but not arrogant, and had a great sense of humor.


Marlon Brando

I don’t know if I’ve ever been attracted to any man more than I am to Marlon Brando. Not as Don Vito Corleone, but as Stanley Kowalski, Terry Malloy, Johnny Strabler, and, strangely, even as Paul in Last Tango in Paris. Well into his later years Brando radiated this raw, animal magnetism that was irresistible.

I hated the character of Stanley Kowalski in the play A Steetcar Named Desire, but I was drooling over Brando in the movie version. He was known to be gruff, intimidating, and difficult to deal with, but he still appears on most lists of the best and sexiest actors of all time. He was sexy, rugged, and strong; everything a man should be.

John F Kennedy

I wonder how many people voted for JFK because he was hot… The 35th President of the United States was, without a doubt, the sexiest. Even before he was President, he inherited power points from his bootlegging, Depression-profiting father. JFK was born into a family that, as we all know, would become American royalty.

Although he had a few failures over the course of his short presidency, Americans remember his leadership style, confidence, and personality. He used his power to get what he wanted, including Marilyn Monroe. The Kennedy name has become synonymous with power. Even Taylor Swift knows it.

If you didn’t follow, the main themes here are sex, confidence, and power. Guys should exude sexiness, make women want them, and, of course, be able to back it up. Confidence is key in love and in life. No one wants to date or fuck someone who has low self esteem, especially a guy.

And, who doesn’t love a guy with power? There’s something about a powerful man that brings out a primal attraction in women. Marlon, Dino, and Jack understood these things and utilized their looks and skills to be successful. Today's men should follow their examples.

Moral of the story: make the women want you and the men want to be you. It's the elite way.

Alyssa Marino | Elite.