How To Make Your Time In College A POOSAY Paradise

by Contributing Writer

Oh, college, glorious college…

While almost everybody knows that college is the place for sexual exploration, a place where horny girls exist in bigger numbers than fat people at a McDonalds queue, there are still a bunch of guys that breeze through their four years without ever knowing what it means to be a player.

Like that lonely guy that approached chicks on campus benches and always got rejected, the guy that was so awkward he became a symbol of your class, the guy that never got invited to parties because of his awkward label, and even when he did, everybody still knew him as that creepy lonely guy…

Are you that guy? Of course not, but let’s look at how you can make your time in college a poosay paradise.

First Thing’s First: Social Proof Rains Supreme

If there were ever a place where social proof mattered, it’s college. What is social proof? It’s about being known or at least being known to run with the cool crowd. Cool crowds are everywhere, and they all have a TON of girls wanting to sleep with the guys running in these cool crowds.

How To Become Part Of A Cool Crowd


The moment you arrive in college, the first thing you should do is make many male friends. Worry about banging chicks a bit later. Yes, this is about finding the dudes that get the most tail and running with them.

Like I said, there are a lot of crowds out there and all of them will help you get laid. Let’s look at some examples:

Classic Frats (Duh.): Frats are probably the best option you’ve got because the dudes that run them throw massive parties and invite a lot of women. Once you’re in a frat, you’ve already got half of the work done.

Which frat? That’s up to you and your friends. Ideally, I’d go with the one that has the best looking guys in it, as it will attract the best looking sorority girls (makes sense), who are often the sluttiest. These frats are also the ones that throw the most outrageous parties.

It’s easy to get in these frats if you can make friends with the right guys. Join the gym; many of these dudes are there and will gladly throw you a bid. If you’re the more athletic type, try to join a team and make friends with the frat guys there. Believe me, this is probably the best thing you can do for your time in college.

I can’t stress this last part enough. It’s absolutely paramount to make friends with these guys. I would suggest focusing your entire energy on this issue until you’ve gotten yourself in to the best party house on campus. The girls will come afterwards; do not worry about the girls until you’re in with the big guys.

Other Frats: In case you didn’t know already, not all frats have the typical frat boy mentality and party every day like rock stars. As mentioned above, for the highest quality poosay, that’s the place to be; however, if you’re the nerdy type, there are a lot of other frats better suited for you. They will also have groupies and will also get you laid, just not every day and not with the hottest chicks. That being said, it’s still a great place to be.

Alternatives: If you’re not really the athletic type and prefer a somewhat independent lifestyle, there’s still poosay to be had. Again, it’s all about the cool crowds, as they always have groupies. Join the drama club and make friends with the alpha dude there; he will throw some sick parties and will invite a ton of sexually liberated actress friends of his. Also, all other groups/crowds that do some sort of activities are bound to get you laid. Remember, the key here is to run with SOME crowd. While it’s fun to be GDI (Goddamn independent), it’s always going to be easier to have your social life handed to you by joining a frat.

I’ve Joined A Frat. Where’s The POOSAY Paradise?

As I mentioned before, joining a cool frat is only half the battle. You now need to get down with the other half.

First of all, never randomly approach a woman on campus. I’d refrain from doing this at least until your second year, when more people know who you are and the people that you run with. To clarify, random approaches on campus means sitting down on benches, library, etc. and trying to get a girl’s number or get her on a date.

Instead, you should invite all the girls you see on campus to your frat party. This is what I’ve found to be the best and most effective opener you will ever need in college. This is the only time when you should randomly approach girls on campus, especially during your freshman year. This will also help you become more well-known for the other parties you’ll be attending.

Here’s how it works: your frat/crowd throws a party, and they already have girls coming, but could always use more. You’re part of that frat/crowd, so you can invite girls to the event. You take your fliers and invite all the girls you can. When you see them at the party, you’ve already talked to them so you can approach them with ease because you’re the one that invited them. This increases your social proof to a massive extent, and girls will rarely decline the invitation if you’re part of a cool frat/crowd.

Imagine if you invited 20 girls and 15 showed up…are you starting to see your poosay paradise?

How To Live In Paradise

You’ve made it with the right people; you’re cool now. People know you’re cool, you know you’re cool, and the ten girls you invited who showed up at your party also know you’re cool.

By now, things should be self-explanatory, but I’m going to lay down the basics, just in case.

Entertain Your Guests

First, if you can, entertain your guests. Let’s say three chicks you invited showed up. You can potentially bang three chicks in this particular night. It’s your sole duty to entertain these guests as much as you can. This means talking to all of them at the very least.

Talking up all three women ensures two things:

-Gets you closer to banging each chick because you’re spitting game

-Gets you closer to banging each chick because they see you talking to two other equally hot chicks, which automatically raises your value


After enough mingling, you should be able to work out which of the three (or more) women likes you the most and which is also the most sexually liberated (may it be because of alcohol or just because she’s like that). They will sometimes like you just because you’re part of the frat, or because you invited them to the party, or even because you actually blasted some quality game. Either way, you need to see which and why and use that to your advantage.

Caveman Game For The Win!

Once that’s happening, move on to the most promising chick and start to spit serious game. If she likes you because you’re part of the frat, talk about how cool you guys are. If she likes you because of how smart you are, show her how smart you are.

Keep doing that while offering her more drinks and after a fairly short amount of time, switch to caveman game and go in for the make out. Girls in college are as horny as you are. They also want to understand the real deal about their punany, so just a little convincing is enough to get the party started.

As the make out session intensifies, make the call to bang. Usually, you’re presented with four classic options, which go from basic to almost extreme, depending on how slutty the girl is.

Option 1 (girl is not really slutty): Go back to your room. If you live in the party house, that’s cool, but if you don’t, and you’ve got a super long walk, you’re kind of screwed. Either way, if that’s what it takes to get sex to happen, better sort out the logistics as soon as you can (cabs, rides, anything…make it happen).

Option 2 (girl doesn’t care that much): Do it in the party house. If you don’t have your room there, just find one and do it. This is the best option and always my favorite.

Option 3 (girl is kind of slutty): Do it in the party house bathroom. Yep, there are no rooms available; there’s already a bunch of horny bunnies doing it, so you’re only option is the bathroom. Pick one; do it; it’s going to be awkward as f*ck, but at least you’re busting your nut.

Option 4 (girl is really slutty): Do it outside, around the party house. Yep, if you’re both super horny and you really want to get it on, step outside, find a dark bush and get to it. Personally, I do not like this at all, especially if it’s cold outside, but it will happen sometimes; just make sure nobody sees you. This really does define the phrase “humping like animals.”

Final Things Worth Mentioning

Frat Guys Dream

Get In Shape: Yep, this matters a lot in college. Better hit the gym, run, or do something to get that body looking as good as you can get it.

Keep Your Room Clean: The last thing you want to do is bring a girl back to your room and have her leave because she was disgusted by that underwear carpet or THAT THING in the fridge.

Stay Single: Everybody laughs at the guy that hooked up with a girl and started dating her his freshman year, wasting his college poosay pounding days. But believe me, nobody hates it more than him so…don’t be that guy. At least stay single for your freshman year.

There you have it, folks: the comprehensive guide on how to make your time in college a poosay paradise.

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