How To Get Past A Woman's Exterior

by Evelyn Pelczar

The game of seduction can be tough at times, especially if you are the kind of guy who thinks silly pick-up lines or material things are going to attract quality women into your life. If you know what you are doing and how to carry yourself, you could get away with almost anything. But when it comes to first impressions, if you screw up on your initial approach, usually the game is over unless you have enough wit and skill to make a comeback.

But why is there a game, and why can't women just be straight up and play "fair"? The answer to both of those questions can be summed up in two words: natural selection. Nature is cruel and will never be fair. Only the strong will survive and those who don't have what it takes will be weeded out of existence. In order for women to select the right guys they have to eliminate all the wrong ones. If there were no way for women to eliminate creeps, losers, clingers, etc., then they would be sleeping with thousands of men a year, risking their health, wasting tons of time, and losing their "market value" in the eyes of other men.

Now I want you to take a moment to realize that women have to deal with a lot more bullshit than men do in their everyday life. Imagine getting hit on three times a day; not one day going by where you can enjoy a coffee at Starbucks, get new clothes at the mall, or shop for groceries without being hit on by some creep. At three times a day, that adds up to over 1000 times a year.

For some women, three times a day is not even close to the actual onslaught of approaches from internet media and social gatherings, where men are far more aggressive because they feel more confident behind a keyboard or being loaded up on drinks. In order to deflect these unwanted approaches, women have to use their first and most powerful line of defense: the "bitch shield."

I have a lot of attractive girlfriends who are actually great, sweet women who wouldn't hurt a fly, but the second a guy says something creepy, inappropriate, or shows any sign of weakness, they go from sweet to bitch in less than a second. This is when you know a girl is using her bitch shield. The bitch shield not only gets rid of undesirable men, it also is a preventive measure to ensure she doesn't risk her physical health with the wrong partners. Since sex carries way more risks than it does for men, women must make sure that the guys they are interested in can pass their tests and prove their worthiness.

Time is also a huge reason why the bitch shield system is used by women. There is simply not enough time in the world for a woman to give every man her attention; even if she wanted to, and that's why her attention must be won. She knows deep down inside that only an alpha male will be able to deactivate her defenses and win her over without a sweat.

The bitch shield is used to deflect any unwanted men instantly, within seconds, to make time for men who are more worth it. Anyone who fails to break through the shield will lose her affection, even if it's a sweet, attractive man who is everything she may think she wants -- if he cannot break past her bitch shield it's over.

Time and time again I hear stories from my girlfriends where they would be very attracted to a guy they've met out but he just couldn't "play ball" or "didn't have it" and it ended up killing the attraction. They would be so upset that such an attractive guy had everything going for him but balls, and that my friends is what women are looking for.

If you don't have balls, you can't really call yourself a man can you? Can you really blame a girl for testing every man she meets and literally breaking his balls in one way or any other to see what he's made of? You really can't; it's just the way the game works and you can either act like a castrated bitch or you can grow some balls and learn to spar with women.

The best way to break through a woman's bitch shield is for you to be yourself and never allow her reality to dominate yours. If you set the pace, the standards, and lead the interaction, she will have no choice but to follow. Always stand your ground even if it blows up the interaction. You can always go back and try again later on.

Just make sure that you return unaffected by her rejection or bullshit excuses. By being unaffected by her games she will actually respect you for it and prove to her that you are man who is in control of his emotions. Just remember, it's a game and sometimes you will not win, and that's OK. Sometimes a girl will be emotionally unstable and actually be a bitch to EVERYONE. If you find that is the case, be thankful that you just dodged a bullet and move on.

If you want to learn how to break through a bitch shield, a great person to learn from is James Bond. How many James Bond movies have you seen where the Bond girl will try to dominate him with her bullshit and James just totally owns her instead? Every single Bond movie has an example of that. No matter what she says or does, Bond remains cool, calm and collected.

When he decides to verbally spar with her, he is always wittier, more dominant and most importantly, unaffected by her silly attempts to get a rise out of him. He dominates the interaction and she has no choice but to follow because it is in her nature to be attracted to powerful alpha men.

So now that you know that a woman's bitch shield is simply her way of making room for more suitable men, you no longer have to take her rejection or bad attitude personally. It's all just a big game to find out what you are made of. If you can't keep the conversation going, bust her balls back, and lead the interaction as a man, then you indirectly tell her you are not worthy.

Finding ways to disarm women's shields is what makes the game of seduction so much fun. Remember to have fun while you're playing the game and don't take it so seriously. In time, you will deal with so many bitch shields and learn so many different ways to break through them that one day you'll be able to cut through them like a hot knife cuts through butter.

Angelo John Gage | Elite.