The 21st Century Woman: How To Better Understand What She Really Wants

by Good Mornan

Men, allow me to introduce you to the 21st Century Woman.

She is beautiful. She is intelligent. She is hardworking and tough. She is demanding and sometimes, she is difficult.

Hopefully, you have nabbed yourself one of the best and are happily blazing a trail of love in your relationship. Like most men, however, you find women to be confusing and challenging to understand. To help you navigate through your interactions with your lady, here is some much-needed advice: Take her for her word.

There is nothing more offensive than when my significant other says, "So what you really mean is..." What I really mean is what I've actually said — take me for my word!

At the base level of all relationships, there should be an understanding of mutual honesty. This obviously strays from more historical paradigms of relationships that have taught us to use white lies or to omit the truth to keep our significant others content.

Men, you have been taught that "no" means "yes" and vice versa, but such is not the case. Take your woman for her word and you will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

There is no sorcery here. What women want is for you to accept what we’ve said, respect it and respond accordingly — honestly and truthfully.

You ask, "Would you like to do anything special for our anniversary this year?" Or maybe, "Would you like flowers for your birthday?" If her response is "no," take her for her word.

You ask, “Would you like want to watch the football game with me and the boys at a bar tonight?” If her response is “yes," take her for her word.

Keep the assumptions in your relationship to a minimum. Once you've established honesty, the game-playing can come to a crashing halt. Trust her. You must now learn to be open and honest in your questioning, as well.

Express your needs, your wants and your feelings. Do not assume a woman will always supply you with the answer for which you are looking. Ask the questions to which you want an honest answer and be reflective in your own emotions, as well.

As your relationship grows and develops, you won’t need to assume or guess; you will start to anticipate and predict her responses. That is natural when you truly know someone.

Yes, men, you have a sort of sixth sense, as well. It is that same sense that allows you to know that your mother will prefer to have dinner with her children on her birthday rather than receive a bunch of gifts.

Note that this type of relationship comfort zone takes time to procure. Therefore, it will also take time for your relationship to reach a similar level of understanding. If you are serious about your relationship, take the time to invest.

Men, don’t become overwhelmed about how to decode women. We really are not so difficult; we do not go out of our ways to confuse you. We do ask, however, that you respect us and trust us to be open and honest with you.

This is what we truly want.

Photo via We Heart It