The 'Hot Girl Effect' And How It Can Change A Guy's Life


One of the major differences between women and men is a phenomenon called the “hot girl effect.” This occurs when a man becomes much more attractive in the eyes of a given woman because he is with a hot girl (I’m talking far more attractive than he is).

This example, in its most extreme form, is a below-average-looking guy who happens to score a stunning woman (or is simply desired by one). Then, in the eyes of other women, his appeal rises through the roof, for some unknown reason.

This scenario doesn’t work the opposite way around; a guy is either attracted to a woman or not. For a man, attraction is mostly visual. It’s a strange phenomenon, but it works every time. When a girl discovers that her potential suitor’s ex-girlfriend is a stunner, somehow she finds the man more desirable.

This may lead a woman to assume that the guy in question may have something incredible that she hadn’t yet discovered or maybe, he is actually much more attractive than what she had originally thought.

There is no real way for women to capitalize on this phenomenon, other than to simply be aware of it upon “suddenly” becoming more attracted to a man. For men, the advantages to this are huge.

How an average dude can capitalize on "the hot girl effect":

Get yourself some hot female friends. It’s way easier to score hot female friends than you may think. You just need to use a little bit of restraint and never, ever make a move. You might be surprised by how much many women love the idea of male friends.

Too often, though, these "friends" unsuspectingly go in for a move. Don’t be one of those dudes. Make some lady friends, take them out and tell them you want to meet the “right girl.”

Females love a pet project, like helping a nice, average guy out with his love life. Who knows, one of them may actually fall for you, so long as you don’t set out to just try to get into her pants.

Another way to accomplish this is to pretend to date a hot girl, or at least convince one to show up with you as your date -- kind of like an escort, but a whole lot cheaper. Maybe you’re thinking, “How the F will I get a hot girl to go on a pretend date with me? That’s almost as hard as asking for a real date!

Well, the best way to go about this is to directly ask a girl if she will be your date so that her beauty will convince the girl in whom you’re actually interested to date you. She will likely be instantly be creeped out by the proposal, but flattered at the same time (no matter how much girls deny it, we all love a good compliment).

She may even feel jealous that you have no interest in her and may see it as a challenge to make you want her, not the other girl. Naturally, she will agree.

Many women can’t help but look at other attractive women. After they see “her,” they will see you with her and become very curious. Curiosity will, in turn, shift into interest.

You will be shocked by how many women will be giving you the eye; taken people (regardless of whether you’re actually taken) are always more desirable. It’s human nature; kind of like celebrities who get everything for free once they make plenty of money.

Be prepared to receive attention and don’t act surprised by it because it may break the spell of your extreme desirability. If you question yourself, the women may begin to question you, too. Now that you have created the illusion of attractiveness, milk it.

Once you manage to get a girl interested, who wouldn’t give you two seconds of her time? Don’t drop the ball now because you need to maintain an air of confidence. The biggest mistake you could make at this point would be to show her that you’re surprised that she is interested.

Act as if you meet women like her every day (not just in your early-morning imagination).

That’s the formula; the rest is up to chemistry, compatibility and fate.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It