Gentlemen, The Answers To All Her Tough Questions When You Approach Her

by Contributing Writer

Have you ever approached a woman and she immediately puts you through a few little tests before deciding if she wants to speak with you? Women use these tests to weed out weak men. Check out some of the most common tests women will use and learn to deal with them like a pro.

She says: “Are you a player? Because you look like one.”

Why does she care? Girls don’t like players (or at least they think they don’t). By directly asking you about this, you’re allowing her to make a judgment call about your character. Based on your answer, she’ll decide whether or not you’re worth the time and emotional investment.

How to play it like a pro: “Well, I try my best to meet new people when I’m single. How else am I going to get a girlfriend?”

She says: “How many girls have you slept with?”

Many guys are also very curious about girls’ numbers as well, but guys, avoid asking. Ladies, if you’re younger than 25 years old, say one or two, and if you’re older than that, you get a maximum of five.

Why does she care? She thinks she wants to know if you’re a player, and that a huge number will communicate that to her. But, she’s also curious because a decent number means you’ve been desired by other women and, therefore, could be a potential mate.

How to play it like a pro: Regardless of the truth, say a number between seven and 12 depending on your age. You could also act mysterious and deny answering the question, as if you don’t keep count. Whatever you do, come across as honest. If you’ve actually been with between seven and 12 women, share your real number.

She says: “Why are you talking to me?”

Why does she care? This is the type of girl that probably gets approached often by average guys. She’s testing you to see if you’re exactly like them. You need to stand out from the pack.

How to play it like a pro: The average guy would say something like “because you look gorgeous.” You need to be different. Look straight into her eyes and tell her that she looked interesting and you were curious if her looks matched her personality.

She says: “I don’t give out my number to strangers”

What is she doing? She’s playing hard to get.

How to play it like a pro: She’s only testing you to see if you’re going to give up easily. Push her a little bit further and try to build some more rapport. If you know nothing about the girl and she knows nothing about you, you’re failing because you’re asking for her number way too early.

She says: “Give me your number and I’ll call you?”

What is she doing? If you do not build a strong enough rapport, she’ll have no reason to give you her number. If she does, it might be a fake number. Bottom line: it’s always best if you have her number.

How to play it like a pro: Give her more reasons to like you so she feels comfortable enough to give you her number. But remain casual; after you put on a charming show, tell her you have to go but you’d like her number and you’ll text her tomorrow.

Things You Need To Know When Dealing With These Tests:

She isn’t anything special, so walking away is a very good option: A lot of guys imagine relationships and happy lives before they even speak to a woman. Putting women on pedestals will yield express tickets to the friend-zone. Don’t be afraid to walk away. You haven’t lost anything and the next approach is will go a lot smoother.

You don’t always have to answer: You’re never obligated to answer to her questions. Answering her questions puts her in control, which isn’t optimal for you. Politely deflect any question you don’t feel comfortable addressing — you don’t owe her anything you don’t feel comfortable sharing.

Change your approach: If you’ve conquered one of her tests, quickly flip the attention toward her. The new subject doesn’t have to relate to anything she’s already said.

Final Thoughts:

Don’t react emotionally: Whatever you do, don’t snap at her because it will absolutely destroy any chance you may have had. It’s better to walk away proud than to walk away sulking after a meltdown.

Don’t be needyAnswering her every question, letting her be in control and completely playing along just shows her that you’re desperate and are willing to do whatever’s necessary to gain her approval. Take control and keep her interested — chances are, she appreciates a guy who can put her in her place.

Use humor when answering her questions: Never answer her questions directly because it will give her control. If she catches you off guard, pause for a second and think before speaking.

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