What To Do When You've Fallen For Your Mistress

by Robert Anthony

It has been a lengthy three years that you and the woman you believed to be the love of your life have been together. In the honeymoon stage, everything between the two of you was new and amazing as lust slowly transformed into love. You have amassed many priceless memories with this girl and she has been by your side for a rather extensive period.

The history between the two of you is longer than the testament scrolls and you know every facet of each others personality. Everything seems to be going perfectly.

Suddenly, like the vast majority of your male peers, you become stricken with the dreaded relationship stagnation. This is the point in the relationship where you feel like the two of you are a married couple and your sexual attraction to her begins to dwindle. You're certainly not at any point in your life where you'd even remotely consider being married, leaving you in quite the pickle.

At this point you're almost certain to acquire a mistress to fulfill your needs that aren't being met at home. At first, this mistress is simply unbelievable. She is absolutely stunning and provides you with the excitement you've been searching for. Your lust for this girl is overwhelming and you seem to have a tremendous amount of fun with her--much more so than your girlfriend. You might begin to believe that she possesses everything your current girlfriend is lacks. This is the honeymoon phase all over again.

The adrenaline rush you receive from this fling is outstanding--almost addicting, to say the least. After the first time you bed her you'll be completely enthralled and become convinced that you are missing out on life by being shackled by a girlfriend.

Your mistress is most likely aware that you aren't single but has no qualms about the situation. (That is unless you're attempting to fool them both, at which point we might suggest that you have bitten off more than you can chew.) You'll slowly start falling for her and begin to contemplate leaving your girlfriend for her.

You are in quite the precarious situation, Elite. Your girlfriend will slowly start noticing that you're changing around her, as your mind is fixated on your mistress. Great debates ensue in your mind regarding what approach you should take. You know it's illogical to throw away established history on a whim, but the devil is tempting you to run off with this new vivacious lover. What decision should you make?

Take it from someone who has been down this road many times before--you will eventually leave your girlfriend or get caught and attempt to move on with your mistress. This will fare horribly, and in a few short weeks that physically based relationship will cease to exist as well.

You will be left in a dark place--heartbroken and lonely as your mind reflects on the memory of the two great women you once had, only to be jarred by the grim reality of your self inflicted loneliness.

This is bound to happen. The transition from your loved one to your mistress is never smooth and almost guaranteed to have a disastrous end. Sure, it'll be fun for a while, but when you're left completely alone you'll be wondering "Why the HELL did I do that?". If you try to go back to your ex, things will never be the same again. You've broken the trust and you will have to endure constant questioning due to your tarnished relationships.

This will result in endless headaches and fighting, but what can you do? You've brought this situation upon yourself. You were deluded by the honeymoon phase.

If you simply stay with your current girlfriend, you might never find true happiness again. The thought of the grass being greener on the other side and new possibilities will continue to plague your mind. At this point, it's best to end the relationship to pursue your desires as you see fit. Who knows, you two might end up reconciling if you ultimately decide that she's the one.

If you've already gotten to the point of being caught up with a mistress, be an upstanding, Elite gentleman and make the honorable choice--end the relationship so you don't continue to endlessly string her along. You should also be wary of your mistress and end that soon-to-be tumultuous partnership as well. If she's willing to cheat with you, she's not of good moral character.

You're running the risk of falling victim to the same fate as your current girlfriend. When you're alone, you'll certainly be in a dark place--having gone from two great women to none. However, you must view life as a cycle. When old girls get cycled out, new ones will certainly be cycled in. View this as a necessary cleansing and I assure you, you will encounter a new girl and have a relationship free of drama.

Once you have gotten to the point of cheating you've already committing to restarting the cycle. Your shift in attention to your mistress will be noted and will have drastic effects on your relationship. Ultimately, if you drag things on for too long, you might end up being left before you leave her. Trust us, there is no such thing as transitioning to date your mistress. If she's consciously being your side woman, you cannot be sure where else she's being a home wrecker.