Death of a Salesman: Why Guys Don’t Have The Follow Through Like They Used To


We have all heard the saying that ‘chivalry is dead’. And unfortunately this little idiom could not be truer in 2012. But if chivalry is dead who killed it?

Fifty years ago, while perusing a woman, men had to act like they were the product that women should buy. So for argument’s sake, lets think of guys as advertising executives and that the product they are selling are themselves.

Like a door-to-door salesman of days past, guys used to have to jump through hoops to convince you that he was worth your precious time. Yes, times like this did exist. Imagine Don Draper of Mad Men in the 1960s. Back then men knew how to approach a woman. He knew what to say, what not to say, and most importantly how to act.

Guys used to be go-getters, self-starters, and most importantly they chased what they wanted, i.e. women! From the first cavemen hunting for food, men have chased something. Now evolution is being challenged. It seems as if they have lost their hustle.

The main culprit? Technology. Those of us that grew up with Myspace, AIM, and constantly had a flip phone in our hands are now rendered helpless when it comes to face-to-face social interaction. It has been a slow death, but the art of communication is becoming a thing of the past. Guys (and yes women… lets admit it) are losing our communication skills.

We text, Facebook message, and tweet at each other. This renders guys helpless, because they can hide behind screen all day. These tools that are supposed to bring us closer together are making us more isolated from each other. And Venus is far enough from Mars as it is.

No woman wants to be asked out on a date through iMessage or get text at 2 am text asking ‘what’s up’ (we all know what that implies). It is pure laziness and that does not gain our immediate attention and therefore it makes a guys game look weak. No hunting involved, no advertising, and therefore no sale.

Arianna Wright | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images