Getting Her From The Club To Your Bed

by Angelo Gage

Seduction can easily be compared to a game of chess, where the man plays white and makes the first move while the woman takes black and responds. For every move made by the man the woman reacts. It is rare for the woman to choose to play white and make the first move; usually man is given the privilege.

Don’t look at this as a burden. Just as in the game of chess, the player that makes the first move is at an advantage. This is very important to keep in mind when you find yourself in a club. Clubs are very loud, packed and intense places. You’re not going to really have a chance to have a super deep, get-to-know-you conversation in a loud-ass club.

You will have to focus just about all of your energy on non-verbal communication. The most important thing is touch. Touching women over the course of the interaction is one of the most important ways of getting a girl out of the club and into your bed. Before a girl can be comfortable with your kiss, she has to be comfortable with your touch.

Because the music is most definitely blasting, you have a reason to get closer to her when you talk; this allows for a perfect opening to make contact. Put your arm on the small of her lower back and draw her closer to you so she can hear you. Tricks like this one get her accustomed to your touch and allow you to strut your alpha male qualities.

All women want an alpha male and alpha males are never afraid to touch. It is important to start off slow and non-sexual. Make her feel like you are only touching her in order for her to be able to understand what you are trying to say to her. Most likely she won’t be able to hear what you are saying anyway, so say whatever you want and just nod and smile when you can’t hear her attempts to tell you her name.

Below is a list of 10 important things you need to follow in order to have a more enjoyable club experience and to give you a better chance of not going home empty-handed:

1. Don't Dance

That’s right Patrick Swayze. If you can’t dance, don’t even fucking try! If you can, then go ahead, but don’t be Mr. Guido show off. DO NOT be the creep who gets wasted and tries to grind with every girl on the dance floor. It comes out looking pathetic. Instead of dancing try talking to women by the bar. The dance floor is where you will want to bring your catch once you have her on the hook and not where you want to go fishing.

2. Don't Get Too Wasted

Have a few drinks to get a buzz and have fun, but don’t turn into a mess. How many times do you think you got rejected because you drank too much? Probably way more than you think. I never drink when I’m picking up girls. I do better without drinking and so can you. All you have to do is train yourself to be comfortable in your own skin no matter where you are and then you won’t have to drink in order to initiate a conversation.

3. Don't Be The Sexual Predator

Don’t fuck your night up by being that guy who stands in a corner, holding a drink in his hand and scanning the landscape for your next prey. It’s creepy. Once your “prey” sees you looking at them, they know they need to stay away. Instead of being a stalker, walk around and make friends. Talk to groups of girls; make your mark, then leave.

Tell them you have to go find your friends and you’ll catch them later. This makes you a cool social guy that isn't lingering and you’re not all about getting laid; not to mention, it gives them the impression that you actually have friends. Later on in the night after they have been hit on by a bunch of loser, casually run into her and pick up from where you started.

4. Don't Take Rejection Personally There’s too much shit going on in the club for people to really know what’s going on. If you get rejected, the music won’t suddenly stop; no one is going to laugh at you. Besides, she could be testing you to see how you react when you get rejected. Women will do this often to see if your approach is genuine. A lot of men put up a mister nice guy front, but when they get rejected, they turn into assholes. Keep in mind that when a girl rejects you, she is often not rejecting you so much as your approach.

5. Don't Buy A Girl A Drink Too Soon

Don't buy a girl a drink before you get to know her. Talk to her and get to know her. If you like her enough, offer her a drink. If she asks you to buy her a drink right off the bat, the correct response would be something like, “You buy the first round, and I’ll get the second one.” If she doesn't get offended and stays, then she’s interested; if not, all she wants is to get drunk on your tab.

6. Do Not Use These Pickup Lines

Not only are pickup lines totally stupid, they are grounds for immediate rejection. Don’t ask her what time it is; tell her how cool her shoes are or any obvious stupid way to start a conversion. A simple “Hey” or a funny flirt like, “You know, I was just saw you from over there and WOW… you really suck at dancing" (with a smile) would work. In reality, anything can work if you say it right.

7. Do Not Talk About Boring Shit

It’s already hard enough to hear any conversation in a club, no one’s going to want to try to put effort toward a boring conversation like the weather or what they do for a living. Sure it’s OK to mention basic things about yourself but keep it short and mysterious. Don’t tell her everything about yourself in one night. Let her do 90% of the talking.

You should focus on making her laugh all night. DO NOT HIT ON HER OR COMPLIMENT HER UNTIL AFTER SHE HAS DONE SO FIRST. Just trust me on this. The hotter she is, the more you should be busting her balls. Women act on emotions. Try to bring up topics that would excite her, make her feel happy, sad, scared or curious.

8. Don't Ask, Demand

Never ask a girl to do anything, instead, TELL her what she is going to do. You want to dance with her? “Hey, let’s go dance,” grab her hand and go. You want her number? Give your phone to her and say, “Hey, put your number in my phone, I’m going to call you 1000 times a day” (don’t forget to smile because you’re kidding you psycho). When you ask a girl anything, you give her the chance to say no. Women are attracted to men who are sure of themselves and lead the interaction.

9. Don't Go In For The Kiss Too Soon

In order to kiss a girl, she has to first be accustomed to your touch. Unless you have been hugging her, holding hands, putting your arm around her while sitting down, grinding with her all night and making her laugh, she probably isn't ready to kiss you, yet. So do everything I just mentioned then go for it when you feel the time is right.

10. Don't Be Upset

Sometimes you do go home empty handed.  Remember, going out should be about having FUN! Women are just part of the fun that goes with hanging out with your friends. It is a game and you should never take it personally. You will get rejected; it’s part of the game, everyone does. Even Brad Pitt has been rejected at some points in his life. You don’t always have to hook up with chicks the first night you meet them. Try to accumulate a few numbers and then follow up later that week. Don’t get “lucky”, get laid.

Angelo John Gage | Elite.