The Best Brothels From Around The World

by Julian Sonny

It’s often said that prostitution is the world’s oldest profession, and even though selling sex is illegal in many places there are still lots of options for those who are looking to be serviced by a professional.

In fact, most of the places on this list offer not only good old-fashioned coitus for a fee, but they also offer a unique sensual experience that you simply must see to believe!

These are the best brothels from around the world.

10. Pascha - Cologne, Germany

The Pascha is a 12 story, 29,000 square foot brothel in Cologne, Germany. Roughly 120 prostitutes service over one thousand customers per day at this, the largest brothel in all of Europe.

9. Maison d'envie - Berlin, Germany

This Berlin, Germany-based brothel responded to the recent economic downturn in a very unusual way; they offer a discount to customers who arrive on bicycle or who can prove they took public transport. Claiming that they care about the environment and also want to alleviate the crowded traffic and parking situation near the brothel, the owners say that the discount is bringing in 3-4 new customers per week on average.

8. Mobile Sex - Lyons, France

While prostitution is legal in France, as of 2003 sex solicitation is illegal, which lead local prostitutes in Lyon to get creative. White vans line the city and suburban streets in this city; an open door means they're open forbusiness, a closed door (and rocking van) means you'll have to come back later for your turn.

7. Stiletto - Sydney, Australia

Stiletto claims it is "the world's finest short stay boutique hotel and Sydney brothel." Indeed, the lavish interior with 2-story waterfalls and posh rooms set this place apart due to sheer luxury. Choose from rooms and suites with themes such as James Bond, Betty Boob, Kama Sutra, Voyeur, and Roman Orgy (which contains a giant freshwater plunge pool), then select the perfect date to complete your fantasy.

6. Mustang Ranch Resort - Stiletto, Nevada

This legal brothel near Reno, Nevada aims to become "the Ritz-Carlton of brothels." The Mustang Ranch looks more like a luxury hotel than a brothel, and interestingly enough, staying there costs guests nothing. However, each guest must pay one of the ladies on staff to accompany them around the premises at all times, regardless of whether they visit alone or if they bring along a significant other. 5. Star Wars Bordello - Los Angeles, California

The newly-opened Bordello Club in Los Angeles is a night club and bordello featuring nightly music, burlesque dancers, and oddly enough... a regular strip tease act featuring Star Wars characters. Above, performer Courtney Cruz channels a Storm Trooper for a hot strip number that's sure to excite every boy fan (and girl fan) in the universe!

4. The Site - Sydney, Australia

Australia has many legal brothels to choose from, but if you're looking for a specific "type" of woman, The Site in Sydney is the place for you. They advertise everything from "Wild and Raunchy Brunette" to "Hot and Sassy Blonde Aussie" and everything in between.

3. Nana Entertainment Plaza - Bangkok, Thailand

If there is a hub to the debauchery of Bangkok, this is it! The Nana Entertainment Plaza in Thailand is a four-story building housing over 40 bars. Most of these establishments are go-go bars where girls dance and strip, but it's different from regular brothels because the sex acts and money paid are negotiated between the men and the dancers directly; there's no middle person such as a pimp or a madam.

2. Alien Cathouse - Nevada

Dennis Hof, the man behind the famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch (which is the setting for the HBO reality show, "Cathouse”), has plans to branch out and create a new brothel that promises a truly out of this world sexual experience for Sci-Fi fans. Located 90 miles outside of Las Vegas, Hof says this Area 51-themed “Alien Cathouse” will offer paying customers a chance to get it on with women dressed as any kind of alien that turns them on.

1. Big Sister - Czech Republic

This is the ultimate brothel for voyeurs! At this unique brothel located in the Czech Republic, the Czech and Slovak ladies will service their clientele for free... in exchange for their patrons agreeing to have their sex acts videotaped and broadcast to eager viewers near and far. This sex-based reality television is available both in a streaming form online, and via satellite and cable channels in Europe, and rumor has it that it's heading for the U.S. within the coming years.

Top Photo Credit: Getty Images