A Man's Guide: How To Tell If She's DTF (Down To F*ck)

by Contributing Writer

A very big, and often overlooked, part of “the game” is picking the right prospects. Any newbie to the game could approach 15 girls in one night, but such mindless actions probably have him thinking that LUCK is the factor behind getting laid. Sometimes luck works in our favor, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Well, I’m here to tell you that luck has nothing to do with how often you get laid. It’s your game and your ability to approach a girl actually looking to meet guys. Think of it this way: if you were working as a sales rep, whom would you call? Would you rather cold call random people, or would you rather call the ones that have signed up for your site, looking for some extra information? Exactly!

If you actually want to give your game a chance, make sure you approach the right chicks. There is a ton of game haters out there that say these methods don’t work because they randomly approach super antisocial chicks that no true game player would ever go near. Here are seven ways to tell if the chick you’re about to approach is trying to get banged.

Know that these are not RULES, but they will DRAMATICALLY increase your chances of scoring. They will help you make good use of your time, instead of wasting it, and that’s why they’re worth considering the next time you head out for the night.

1. She’s In A Contained Crew

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A woman surrounded by more than three friends is problematic. Usually, when larger groups go out, they have this sort of group mentality. Think of you and your friends here – it’s the same for girls. If a random guy who isn’t included in the group approaches one woman out of a group, the whole group dynamic is thrown off and the vibe becomes awkward. As such, she feels this duty to “stay true” to the group and will either shut you down, or let members of the group c*ck-block you.

The ideal “group” scenario would be one lonely chick. Going out on your own during a weekday is becoming more and more common for Generation-Y, especially people who are looking to meet someone. This is the ideal scenario.

Groups of three women together, however, are my favorite. I’ve actually spoken to girls who I’ve had sex with about this, and they commonly said it’s like an unwritten rule between girls who go out in groups of three. If one of them gets lucky, the other two can keep each other company, or they can also look for a lucky prospect. This is incredibly true, and your approach to such a group has a high probability of success and an even lower probability of being cock-blocked.

Groups of two are another favorable number, not as good as three, but if you can find any random dude to keep the other girl company, you should be good. Just make sure that…

2. She Isn’t Holding Hands With Her Friend

Pic Stop In

This is incredibly powerful. If you see a girl holding hands with another girl, don’t approach her. She’s in her “out with my bestie” mode, so basically, she’s not going to ditch her girlfriend (tonight at least), leaving her isolated. If you approach her while she’s holding hands with her bestie, it’s going to be a guaranteed bust. You need to see if it appears that…

3. She Doesn’t Care For Her Friends

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Approachable girls actually desire being approached by any and all guys, and they will quickly disregard their friends as soon as a promising prospect comes along. These girls usually stop talking to their friends to briefly look around the room and scope out the prospects (same as you are doing). If any potential chick seems completely into what her friends are saying and is totally disregarding everyone else in the venue, it’s a good chance that your pass isn’t going to be successful.

4. Is She Moving Slow Or Fast?


This may sound strange, but the slower and the less a woman moves around, the better. Girls that are hyper and are moving around all over the place won’t have the attention span required for your approach to work. You need to have a somewhat meaningful conversation with her, and that’s not going to happen if she’s hyper.

5. She Needs To React When Making Eye Contact

This rule is incredibly useful. Many girls like to make eye contact just so they can shut you down when you finally get the courage to show interest. Look very closely at her facial expression. A receptive girl will soften her facial expression, curling her lips, lifting her cheeks (starting a smile). If you see that, go ahead and take the leap. If you don’t get a warm reaction, yet she still makes eye contact with you, or her face turns stern and harsh, she definitely has zero interest.

6. She Doesn’t “Own” The Place


If you go out, you’ll probably notice that everywhere you go, there’s at least one girl that seems to know all the bouncers and all the bartenders. She gets to the place, kisses on the workers, talks up the manager, etc. In other words, this girl thinks she owns the place, which means she thinks she’s a celebrity in that particular venue.

Unfortunately, her own perceived status is more than enough to tell you that she is not worth approaching because she will also perceive you, as the “nobody” that just drinks at the bar. If you have no status, she’s not interested. I’m mentioning this because girls like this seem to grab a lot of attention, and you might want to approach her during the night, but it probably won’t end well.

And now for the final sign…

7. Has She Been Drinking?

Undoubtedly, this will almost always give you an edge, but you probably knew that already, so I’m going to tell you how to take the really sober girls out of the equation. If you see a girl on the dance floor for what seems like forever, then she’s probably sober.

Although my very last conquest was a completely sober chick that was drinking water the whole night (no, not on drugs either), I can still, very confidently, say that sober chicks are the least open to meeting new people.

Isn’t it easier to approach a chick after you’ve had a couple of beers? Liquid courage! Well, it’s the same for women. Alcohol helps everyone loosen up and lose their inhibitions, thus, becoming more open to social interactions. I’m not telling you to go around taking advantage of wasted girls - I find that disgusting - but if she has been drinking, it’s going to be a lot easier to approach her and hold a conversation. Pay close attention to her pattern of dancing and hitting the bar. If she’s got a drink in her hand, she’s clearly drinking. If she’s dancing, she’s having fun, which means she’s more approachable.

Knowing how to weed out potentially unapproachable girls is a key factor in your game’s success. These days, it takes me less than five approaches on a woman before she takes the bait because I have the skills to reel her in.

Know this as a fact - anywhere you go, at least 10 percent of girls will meet all these requirements and will present you with an opportunity to approach them and get laid. Make the right moves, don’t waste your time, and you’ll succeed much more often than you think.

This is the sort of stuff I discuss on my blog and in the free eBook I give out. If you want to increase your success with women, visit – a place where the dating mindset is thrown out the window in favor of more direct and fruitful methods of meeting and seducing women.

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