Let Freedom Ring: 9 Incentives For Breaking Up With Your Girlfriend

by Joe Welkie

I can't tell you how many times I've read an article about why girls should dump their boyfriends. It seems like every week, there is a new one with reasons like, “all guys are dogs” and “they just want to spread their seed all over town.”

"You don't need a man, girl!" is the battle cry for empowered women across the country.

Let's flip it around, though.

Sure, there are plenty of reasons for women to dump their lame boyfriends, but there are also plenty of reasons for men to leave their girlfriends.

1. Save Money

This is a no-brainer. Without having to go on dates all the time, buy each other presents and (if it gets this far) engagement rings, your bank account starts to get a whole lot fatter.

You can start doing more impressive and productive things with your money now that you don't have to spend it on someone else. Plus, you can spend it on the person you really want: yourself!

You can start saving, planning ahead for your future and finally paying off that pesky credit card bill IN FULL. Everything costs money and planning for your successful future seems way more important than two movie tickets for whatever movie she wanted to see. Speaking of which...

2. Go To The Movies Alone

This is a very underrated activity. For some, it can seem totally undesirable, but going to the movies alone is great. First, you can see whatever movie you want.

No one will bicker or argue with you about what movie you should see and how stupid the movie you want to see looks. There is also no pressure.

You don't have to have that mini panic attack about whether or not your viewing partner enjoys the movie as much as you do. Finally, you can actually watch the movie without having to explain the plot points, which your significant other missed while she was texting her girlfriend.

You won't have to stop watching the movie yourself in order to remember that actor's name and figure out what rom-com he was in as of late. It's just silence and the movie: peaceful movie watching.

3. Eat What And Where You Want

Ever have this conversation?:

"Where do you want to eat?"

"I don't care."

"Okay, let's go to ____."

"No, I'm not really in the mood for that."

"Okay. What about ____?"

"No, I had that yesterday."

"What about ____?"

"Really? You want to eat there?"


4. Hang With Guy Friends

Remember those people with whom you spent time before you had a girlfriend? Then, once you got a girlfriend you rarely saw them? They would always send you texts about how they never see you anymore and they'd call you whipped.

Well, you finally get to hang out with those guys again! And let me tell you, they've missed you and you don't realize how much you've missed them. Get ready for some belly laughs, some hair-brained schemes and maybe even a trip to the strip club! Oh yeah...

5. Strip Clubs

What else needs to be said?  Remember all that money you saved from reason number one? MAKE IT RAIN!!!

6. You Can Do Better

I'm sure people will immediately tell you this after the breakup and most of the time, it’s true.

Sure, you'll lose confidence for a while or you won't want to see anyone at all, but after that, just realize that you can go out there and do amazing things if you want and that includes getting a super awesome girl who is 10 times as awesome as your last girlfriend.

You're the man and people believe in you — you just need to believe in yourself.

7. Time To Better Yourself And Accomplish Goals

Before you had a girlfriend, you would hit the gym every day, could run a six-minute mile and were satisfied with your job. Then you got a girlfriend. You started going to the gym less, took a couple days off from running and realized that your job sucks.

Without that girlfriend barrier standing in your way, you can finally get back to where you were! You can take the time to be the best version of yourself. You don't have to worry about having time to accomplish your goals.

You just freed up a lot of time that you don't need to spend with a person who doesn't understand why you need to bench press 225; you do know why you need to bench press 225!

Now you have time to get back to that and now you have time to go out and try to get a better job or at least move up in your field.

8. Sleep Alone

Sure, you like spooning — you like being both big spoon and little spoon. But, when was the last time you had YOUR bed all to YOURSELF?

Spread those legs, spread those arms, take up every square inch of space that you can because there is no one there to get in your way.

There is no one there to put her cold feet on you. There is no one there to snore. There is no one there to sleep talk. There is no one there who has an alarm set for an hour before you wake up and hits the snooze button 650 times. It’s just you.

9. You're An Independent Man

We hear a lot about independent women. It's a great, necessary movement and has helped to further our society. Many songs, articles and even books have been written about how women don't need to rely on men to find happiness in life. Guess what?

You're an independent man now. You don't need a woman to console you or to pick you back up when you fall. You can do it all by yourself. You're a strong person, mentally and physically, and you don't need a woman to tell you what to do and when you can do it.

Take time to really get to know yourself, to better yourself and to become the best person you can be. Take that yoga class you've been meaning to take, cook that dish you've been wanting to make, learn that song on guitar you've been wanting to learn.

Be proud of who you are and realize that you're a lot stronger than you thought. You've been through worse and will probably go through much more agonizing things in your life.

You will always come out on top if you believe in yourself and put your mind to accomplishing your goals.

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