5 Reasons To Keep The Female 'Bro' Out Of The Friend Zone

by Valerie Lewis

In a recent article, Jeremy Renner says his girlfriend is “masculine” and states that a “girly girl just doesn’t do it for him.” Hawkeye knows what’s up.

He has confirmed what the ultimate guy’s girls, like myself, have known all along—we are the perfect woman. Most men just haven’t realized this yet. This type of woman is much more catch-worthy than to immediately be pigeonholed to the friend zone and here are five reasons why:

5. We get along with your friends and your friends will ultimately want to hang out with us, too. We are loyal, honest and have less drama, with the ability to talk sports better than most men.We also realize that you do need your guy time and tend to not be that needy, attached-at-your-hip type. Just remember it's not our problem if all of your friends end up wanting to date us.

4. We prefer to do cool activities for dates, like hiking, surfing and attending sporting events. We love to get down and dirty in more ways than one.If you don’t want to leave the couch, we are capable of just hanging out at home playing video games and watching the latest action or gangster flick released on Netflix. Beware, we will kick your ass in the newest edition of COD and quote more lines from Tombstone than you can even imagine.

3. We look good getting dressed up, but prefer to hangout in jeans and a t-shirt. Because of our love for sports, we tend to be athletic and take care of our bodies, and can pull of any outfit that will leave your pants bulging.

2. With number 3 being said, we also love our beer and food. We won’t be one of those girls only want lemon water and a salads. We are foodies and love to explore great new restaurants, preferably one that has a minimum of 10 beers on draft.

1, We can have normal conversation and get along with any type of family member, mom, dad, brother or sister. You will probably never see us acting as one of those girls who thinks she is better than anyone else, because we don’t think we are.A guy’s girl has a discreet confidence about her. We are the girl that will talk sports with your dad, wine with your mother, video games with your brother, shopping and boys with your sister and still come home and get on our knees.

What guy wouldn’t want that dreamboat of a lady, amiright? The downfall of being this fantastic is that the guys we are interested in tend to look at us platonically.

This is a big mistake. The guy’s girl understands a man and has more in common with him. The more you have in common, the easier it is to bond. So, while you are out at a bar or at a group function, take notice of the confident girl striking up conversation with a group of men.

If they were smart, they will recognize and appreciate her ability to hang in a man’s world, but with a feminine flair. May the best woman win.

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Photo credit: Tumblr