The 5 Bad Boy Traits Nice Guys Should Adopt

by Anonymous

Every girl in the world loves to hate them, but in the same token, would love to be with one. Of course I'm talking about the bad boy. I'm talking about the rebel with a cause in this generation of misguided misfits.

The guy every guy wants to be for just one day. You know... the Han Solo. The James Bond. The Cool Hand Luke. And although it would be quite impossible to pull off some of the swagger these fictional characters possess, I believe there are five traits in general, which males can adhere to in order to channel their inner bad boy. Ala James Dean.

Are you ready for this? Try to keep up.

1) Master The Art Of Indifference

Bad boys understand the very nature of being indifferent when it comes to dealing with women in their lives. They understand that the less emotion they give off, the more emotion women will want from them. As a nice guy who remains indifferent on the couch, with your hand in your favorite H&M denim jeans, you will find that you will learn more about yourself without ever having to reveal more than you want to.

2) Put Yourself First

Off the bat, I know this may sound selfish as hell... well, that's because it is. Bad boys have this way about them in which they understand that women appreciate a man who places himself above everyone else. The essence of being a guy who doesn't alter his belief system or values for any piece of the Girl-Next-Door's ass, believe it or not, is greatly admirable. So remember, as a nice guy, if you put yourself first, the women you are dealing with will never think to put you last.

3) Remember Assh0le Humor

The terminology 'be cocky funny' is used in the seduction/pick-up community to describe a certain behavioral trait for a guy who mixes being somewhat of a dick to women with moments of sweetness. In my mind, the best way to explain asshole humor is basically to define it as knowing how to treat a woman like one of the guys.

Assh0le humor is telling fart jokes to the cutest girl in the room (and not getting slapped in the process). It's knowing how to make girls feel like complete idiots and intelligent at the same time, and it's knowing how to be yourself around the female sex - without putting up any airs and with no pedestal of any sort. I say, the way a nice guy treats his modern warfare buddies is the same approach he should have when dealing with women. It's like being an asshole... but funnier.

4. The Art Of Hanging Up

Controversial? Yes. Does it work? Yessir. Bad boys tend to live in their own world, and they go through life by their own set of rules. So when it comes to conversations over the phone, a bad boy will usually wait until the conversation gets really good and then out of nowhere... click! He just. Hangs. Up. It's okay to leave a woman at a lost for words.

It's actually more than okay, "It gets the people going" (Chazz Michael Michaels voice). It further solidifies the air mystery bad boys possess. Plus, it pisses women the hell off (FYI: only ever hang up on a woman if you know for sure she is into you; do not randomly start hanging up on women just for the thrill of it). So as nice guys, I say, hang up first every once in a while.

5) The Ability To Have Animalistic Sex

Every once in a while, you have to tap into your inner bad boy. And I mean get really bad. Sexually this means hair pulling, spanking, light choking, biting, chaotic foreplay, and any and everything mentioned in the Karma Sutra. Bad boys get away with embodying all the traits above solely because they know how to be an animal in the bedroom. Period.

At the end of the day, if you add all five traits to your arsenal, don't be surprised if women start referring to you as ‘the assh*le.'

Photo courtesy Tumblr