Just A Friend… For Now: 20 Signs You Should Make Her Your Girlfriend

by Joshua Fechter

When it comes to admitting love, avoiding your feelings is easier than ever making a move. This can cause you to lose out on one of the best opportunities of your life: having an amazing relationship.

Years from now, if you never asked her to be your girlfriend, you will still be thinking about what would have happened.

It's easy to overlook someone when she's right next to you, but once you lose her, you'll understand just how strong your feelings were.

If you're thinking of whether she might be the one to make your girlfriend, here are the signs to help make your decision easier:

1. She pushes you to be successful

She wants to see you happy, so she reminds you of your obligations and your ability to overcome obstacles. When you fail or fall short of expectations, she continues to motivate you.

2. Her dad likes you

Her dad thinks you are going somewhere in your life, and you two enjoy watching football together. Most of all, he doesn't see you as a threat to his authority and he can maintain his patriarchal dominance.

He has even mentioned to his daughter a couple of times that you guys would make a good couple.

3. You always smile when you see her

It's as simple as that.

4. She can make you laugh uncontrollably

She knows just how to push all your buttons when it comes to your humor. You laugh at all her bad jokes because laughing reciprocates laughing from her and that alone makes each joke funny.

5. She comforts you

Whether it's about your girl, parent, school or job, she’s there. She is even willing to listen to you for an hour about what you are upset over and never complains. Sometimes, she even comes over with a bottle of wine or your favorite six-pack just to cheer you up.

6. When you are feeling down she puts on your favorite music

She doesn't even ask you what type of music to put on. She already knows your favorite artists and even your top songs for your different moods.

7. She knows how you feel

When you are having a bad day and she says, “I understand,” you know she actually does. You guys are so close that many of the experiences that have made you who you are have been shared together.

8. Guy problems

When she tells you about guy problems, you know you have all the qualities they lack. It makes you upset when you hear her sob about issues coming from relationships or the hook-up culture because with you, all her pain would go away.

9. When something terrible happens

Your mom? Dad? Siblings? Guy friends? No, you called her. You called her before a ton of other people who are also incredibly close to you. What this means is that she provides you with more comfort and inspiration to go through life than everyone else you know.

10. You both compliment each other on looks

She doesn't shy away from telling you “you look good,”and it tends to happen much more when you guys are dressed up ready to go out. You boost each other’s confidence, and you have already admitted the other one is good-looking. What are you waiting for?

11. Sometimes you wonder “what if?”

It may just be a quick thought every once in a while, but deep inside, you know the possibility is there and the excuse you always lean on is that you don't want to ruin your friendship.

12. The time of her life

She tells you a story of when you were with her and refers to it as the best time of her life. Your presence helped contribute to the most amazing moment in her life or a moment she will never forget.

13. She tries to imitate you

Whether she is doing it to poke fun at you or just trying to grab your attention, she also happens be doing an incredible job at it. She knows you so well that her impersonations are good enough to make you laugh every time.

14. She shares your conversational interests

Whether it's politics or comic book heroes, she loves the subjects just as much as you do.

15. She watches the same shows as you

For a number of people, Netflix and TV are a big part of relaxation time. If you can share it without having to make a sacrifice of the show you prefer, it doesn't get much better than spending this time with her.

16. A little jealousy

Those nights when you guys go out to party, you can’t help but get a little jealous when she looks dolled up and other guys are chasing after her.

17. She borrows your clothes

Maybe she "steals" your clothes, or one time you noticed your jacket would keep her warm. Whatever the case is, she wears your clothes on a weekly basis.

18. She gives you recommendations on what to wear

She wants you to look your best before you go out with her. Your style has improved and the feedback on your appearance has gotten better from her recommendations.

19. Even when she's with you, she pops into your mind

When you start thinking of going out with other girls, you stop because she randomly comes up in your thoughts.

20. You thought of her when you read this

Need I say more?

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It