4 Things A Gentleman Will Do After Receiving Nudes, As Opposed To A F*ckboy

by Walter Yeates

A new story about leaked nudes seems to make headlines weekly and, honestly, comes up far too often in pop culture. It's as if some men who receive nude pictures have never seen a naked woman before... or have no idea how the internet works.

Every time nude celebrity photos are leaked, individuals flock to take part in the invasion of someone's privacy. In the vast majority of cases, these pictures are of female celebrities and are pictures from their private phones that were sent to individuals of their choosing. Sometimes these photos were never even sent at all.

It's not like the internet isn't full of beautiful women who willingly share nude pictures, work in adult entertainment or just simply don't mind showing off their bodies. However, that does not mean other women must do the same or that they are to blame for sending nude pictures to the people they choose to.

Not only will taking the victim-blaming approach make you sound ignorant, but you will probably be single for a very long time.

In the latest celebrity leaks, professional wrestlers, actresses and singers were all victims. Sadly, many people will look at these pictures and think gleefully sharing the links through social media is not only justified, but a fun thing to do.

Unfortunately, this behavior can be attributed to the actions guys tend to take when a woman sends them nudes directly. In order to stop the spread of people's nudes without their permission, let's go over some ground rules on how to handle a naked picture you receive like a gentleman.

1. A gentleman keeps them to himself; a f*ckboy has already sent them to all his friends.

I understand that receiving nudes is exciting, and it usually hints that the woman is interested in you sexually. That doesn't mean you should show all your friends and brag about what just happened.

At the end of the day, what do you get from showing your friends? If she finds out you betrayed her trust, she probably won't want anything to do with you. Then what do you have to brag about?

You think your friends won't talk about it? Don't be naive, they probably will. Again, that shouldn't be your first concern. It's not difficult to be a gentleman, respect that she sent you the pictures and keep them to yourself.

Also, consider what would happen if you developed a relationship with this woman. Every time you bring her around your friends, do you really want to know they've seen her naked?

Be happy she sent them, and don't act like a little boy about it.

2. A gentleman respects her privacy; a f*ckboy uses pictures for revenge.

This shouldn't need to be said, but at times even the obvious needs to be pointed out. Don't use nudes as revenge porn if things don't work out well with her.

Even if she treated you like garbage, lied to you or did something else unsavory, you should never threaten to send her nudes to her family, employers or put them on the internet.

Seems easy right? That's because it is. Please don't be one of the immature brats who ruin the fun for the rest of us. Act like a gentleman and never threaten a woman with the nudes she sent you.

3. A gentleman takes precautions; a f*ckboy leaves them out for anyone to see.

Yes, your phone is the most convenient place to store pictures, but phones can be lost and hacked, which could lead to the pictures being stolen and spread by a third party.

How would you go about explaining to your girlfriend that all of your friends got to see her taking off the lingerie she bought on your behalf?

If you're going to keep them on your phone, at least make sure your phone locks in under a minute and is password protected.

4. A gentleman deletes them when she asks; a f*ckboy presses "send" when it's all over.

This may be the most difficult on the list for most, but if she asks you to delete them after you're "done" with them, respect her wishes.

With how common celebrity nude leaks have become, it's understandable why she wouldn't want them lingering around.

I'm aware it's unlikely that she'd ever find out if you kept them, but just do the right thing.