Girl Gave A Blow Job To 'Gain Power Back'


This week we have Daniella* who used a blow job to even the playing field with a guy she liked:


8 pm: Pregame

9:30ish/10 pm: Bar

10:30/11ish pm: Fate kicks in

11 pm to 12 am: Playing it cool

12 am: Night's winding down

12:05 am: Uber is outside

12:30 am to 2 am?: Things get steamy

9:35 am: Excuse time


I love this story. Wanna know why? Because everyone wins.

Boy A realized why he liked her in the first place, Daniella got to get a little confidence booster and Boy B got to get a blowie.

Not all stories have happy endings, but as far as I'm concerned, this one does.

What do you guys think? Comment your responses below!

*Names have been changed.