10 First-Date Ideas That Don't Include Awkward Dinner Conversation

Sometimes, first dinner dates can feel like interviews.

You sit across from each other, ask surface-level questions about each other's lives, nod in agreement, and move on to the next question, one after the next, after the next.

Frankly, I don't see how knowing someone's favorite color, the town they grew up in, or where they went to college is going to lead me on the path to true, everlasting love.

The main way to avoid this awkward dinner conversation that inevitably comes with a first dinner date is, well, to avoid the dinner date altogether.

It sounds scary, and you might feel like your date will judge you for suggesting something out of the ordinary, but he or she will probably be elated that you'd prefer to do something fun that doesn't include rattling off the same answers that you would on a job application.

Here are some examples of first date ideas that will get rid of that uncomfortable face-to-face interview.

Food festival

If there are any cool food festivals or food fairs happening in your area, definitely take advantage.

Food festivals are usually set in interesting locations with booths upon booths of different foods to try.

You and your date will enjoy walking through the unique setting, tasting a variety of delicacies and simply taking in the quirky atmosphere.

Most importantly, this is a great way to eat dinner without the awkward face-to-face conversation that happens while eating dinner.

Outdoor movie

Sure, going to a movie theater is a classic date, but why not up the ante and take that movie outside?

There's a reason outdoor movies are featured in all of those 70s and 80s cult classic films.

They're fun, romantic, and nostalgic -- likely reminding you of the first time you went to the movies with your crush back in 8th grade.

The only food you'll be eating here is if you decide to share a popcorn. And that won't be awkward -- it'll just be cute.

Bike ride

Bike riding might sound intimidating if you're not athletic, but fear not. Bike riding can be as casual or as sporty as you want it to be.

You and your date choose a scenic location, like a boardwalk or a beach, or you could challenge yourselves with a more intense location, like up an incline near a mountain. The options are endless.

Theme park

Hanging out at a theme park is a great way to get outside, walk around and have a blast without being confined to a tight space.

You'll bring out each other's adventurous side, which is the perfect atmosphere for romance. Plus, who doesn't like indulging in a little cotton candy?


If you're an avid animal lover, why not test your date's love for animals by taking him or her to the zoo?

The zoo will give you lots to talk about -- like, for example, how huge that lion is or why that monkey just pooped all over itself.

For many, the zoo was a staple activity as a child, so it'll conjure up nostalgic stories of childhood -- stories your date will be dying to tell you.

Paint Nite

Paint Nites are nights hosted at bars when you get a lesson in painting all while simultaneously ordering drinks.

They're becoming a popular hotspot among young people.

A Paint Nite is a great way to get you and your date giggling at each other's horrible drunk painting skills and a little tipsy -- a great combination for sparks to fly.

Wine tasting class

Who doesn't love wine? If you take your date to a fun wine tasting class, the main source of conversation will be the specifics of delicious wines.

Even more than that, it'll be a wonderful insight into your date's sense of humor, alcoholic preference and level of pretentiousness.

You'll be able to judge a lot about your date by the kind of wine he or she likes and the way in which he or she describes wines.

Is your date having fun with the class, or taking it way too seriously?

Cooking class

Another class option is a cooking class, which will allow you and your date to partake in a fun activity ending in food.

Regardless of whether or not either of you can actually cook, doing a hands-on activity like this is a great way to inspire laughs and memories, even before the second date.

Watching your date either struggle through the dough-kneading process or nail it like a champion will definitely be a turn on.

Mini Golf

Mini golf is a calm, light-hearted activity allowing you and your date to playfully tease each other if one of you messes up a shot or goes above par.

It's a great way to hang out, laugh and get to know each other in a casual setting while having something happening in the background to alleviate any awkward silences.

Take a walk

Find the most scenic route near you and your date's hometown, get on your walking sneakers and sunglasses, and embrace the sunshine.

You'll be able to focus on each other and nature, all while getting your exercise and Vitamin D in for the day.

If you find a little hidden spot along your walk to set up a picnic, that's even better.

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