The 4 Types Of Love You'll Experience In Your Search To Find 'The One'


There are four types of love in this world.

Most of us are lucky enough to experience all of them in a lifetime… and they prepare us for finding “the one.”

Take Nick Viall from “The Bachelor,” for example.

He's been through a string of televised relationships, which essentially led him to finding his soulmate, Vanessa Grimaldi.


They shared an exquisite fairytale ending to their journey of love in Finland… surrounded by candles and snow, of course.

The 36-year-old “Bachelor” is the first to know love can be grand, while it also has the potential to toy with your heartstrings until they snap.

Love can be destructive, deceitful and hurtful, yet it has the power to create the unequivocal beauty of a dream coming to life.

It takes experiencing these different types of love for one to recognize when you've found a love that's unparalleled.

Nick Viall went through two heartbreaking seasons of “The Bachelorette,” where he thought Andi Dorfman and then Kaitlyn Bristowe were “the one” for him.


But both of them turned out to not be his soulmate after all.

Even though the pain must have been unbearable, Viall did what he had to do to move on. He appeared on “Bachelor In Paradise,” resuming his quest for love, but didn't find “the one” there, either.

Fourth time's a charm, I guess! And it seems as though number four truly is the magic number.

Here are four types of love you'll experience in your search to find "the one."

1. Phileo.


This is what you learn in puppy love -- your first love. It's the love and affection exuded by your soul, and comes quite naturally.

There's nothing like it, but it's unfortunately not a love that lasts in the long run. It keeps you on a high for awhile, until you realize it can be only tentative, and has its restrictions.

2. Eros.

This is what you experience when you THINK you found love. It's the love radiated by your body.

This kind of love has the potential to break our hearts, because it's only backed by lust and the deep sexual desire you have for someone.

It's essentially with the hottie you cannot stop thinking about, but it's all about the fluff and exterior you crave… there's not that passionate, strong emotional connection.

3. Storge.

This is a kind of love you have when you're in a long-term relationship. It's powerful and a forever kind of love, but you may feel as though you love that person out of habit or obligation because you've been with them for so long.

This type of love may be holding you back from your goals, thriving in your career, or letting yourself grow as a person.

4. Agape.


This is the unconditional love you have for someone else whom you would do anything for.

It's the wild kind of love that makes you feel as though life would be incomplete without that other person by your side. You are more than willing to put that person before yourself in the name of love, because you know he/she is “the one.”

Once you fall into each one of the four kinds of love, it's easy to distinguish the difference between them.

They'll only better prepare you for finding your soulmate.