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The Surprises People Found Out About Their Partners After Getting Married


When you decide to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you'd like to think you went into it knowing them inside and out.

I mean, I guess I can't speak for you, but personally, I would like to go into a decision like that (read: marriage) FULLY INFORMED.

But, as it turns out, people are full of odd, peculiar surprises... ones that they choose to reveal only after they've said "I do" and locked that shit down.

How convenient.

Read along as people share the most absurd things they learned about their significant others after they got hitched.

Her husband had never had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

— pam_poovey_

His wife has the loudest sneezes.

— reddit_is_not_evil

His wife is just mean.

— Reinhold_Messner

Her husband gets anxious thinking about birthday parties.

— effieokay

Her husband hates grocery shopping.

— Khaotic1987

His wife is disorganized and messy.

— djw319

His wife can speak French.

— thatsonebigcookie

Her husband has a tough time with words.

— MrsStoneBones

Her husband likes to play games on the toilet.

— FreshJuice60

His wife doesn't like the sound of the microwave beeping.

— geocastaneda

His wife has twins on both sides of her family.

— dogmeat0042

Her husband is still emotionally scarred from his last relationship.

— Shreesher

His wife is her own biggest fan.

— conkub

His wife can make balloon animals.


All right, now time to go home and ask your significant others what they're hiding.

Those strangers.