Trinette Reed

8 People Confess How They Feel About Their Friends With Benefits Relationship

Ah, friends with benefits relationships. I unfortunately am no stranger to these bad boys. I've been in a couple of them in my day, and they both ended the same way: with one of us falling for the other, while the other just wanted to keep it casual.

Usually, was the one who ended up heartbroken. I hated that I became just another cliche: the girl who hid behind her emotions for the sake of being able to keep the guy around (ugh, it's a tale as old as time). But if my flings have taught me anything, it's that I'm simply not cut out for the role of the girl who has sex without putting a title on it.

Friends with benefits arrangements are kind of the plague of our generation, but they're so common that I'm starting to think they've replaced the conventional relationship entirely. Literally everyone I know is in one or on their way out of one because after your first run at one, you usually realize they're barely possible to maintain.

Here are 8 people on the emotions surrounding their very first friend-with-benefit relationships:

There's the guy who got tricked into a relationship despite not wanting one.

There are the people who are falling into the same unrequited love-trap I fell into because it got too messy.

There's the person who just didn't communicate, and ended up facing the consequences.

Finally, there are the people who realized they just deserved better (good for them!).

What a shame. If we were all just communicated a little better, maybe one of these things would work out for once. Maybe that way, we wouldn't find ourselves face-down on the pavement, heartbroken from something that was never real to begin with.

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