5 Major First Date Mistakes That Might Be Sabotaging Your Love Life

by Jake Newfield

As fun as they can be, going on dates can be nerve-wracking and even scary.

If you really like the other person, it's easy to overthink what you're doing and mess it up.

The good news is, if you and your date are really meant to be, you don't have to try at all.

Simply being yourself is the best way to impress and form a connection with someone.

Unfortunately, in an attempt to make it to a second date, many people make fatal mistakes which cut the relationship short.

When you never receive a text after that first date, you might think back and wonder what went wrong.

Here are a five things to avoid doing when dating:

1. Talking About Yourself Too Much

Talking about yourself too much is a huge turnoff.

It makes you seem narcissistic and careless about what your date thinks and cares about.

Moreover, it also makes you seem oblivious to the fact your date probably isn't interested in your 10-minute monologue about your job or the trip you went on last year.

Talking about yourself can make you seem arrogant or egotistical.

If you want to build a connection, do as much listening as you do talking.

2. Not Asking The Right Questions

You want to get to know the other person, but don't make this seem like an interview.

Only ask questions you would want to be asked yourself.

If you think the question would be annoying or pointless if someone asked you, then don't ask your date.

Try to stay away from bland, one-dimensional questions that won't foster conversation.

Use questions as a way of getting to know your date in a way that will be fun and enjoyable for both of you.

To spark good conversation, ask questions and talk about things that are of interest to your date.

3. Not Listening

Regardless of whether you are genuinely interested in what your date is saying or not, act like you are.

You would think being polite and appearing attentive is intuitive and fundamental while on a date, yet many people get lazy and overlook it.

Try not to let yourself get distracted when your date is talking.

Make sure to keep eye contact when your date is speaking, and never interrupt.

If your eyes are wandering around the room, it will make you seem uninterested.

This will make your date uninterested as well.

4. Not Being Genuine

Don't say things just to impress your date.

If you lie or otherwise mislead your date to make yourself look good, your date will see right through it.

The best way to impress your date is to just be yourself.

Sincerity is one of the most attractive qualities in people.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable by telling the truth and being honest with your date.

Bragging or being insincere will have a negative outcome.

5. Poor Body Language

Body language is just as important as what you say, if not more.

In fact, some studies have found that up to 70 percent of charisma and connection people feel is due to physical rather than verbal communication.

The way that you smile, make eye contact, laugh and even your posture will have a significant impact on the vibe of the date.

If you are slouching in your chair, you will seem unconfident or uninterested.

If you are yawning, you will seem bored.

If your arms are crossed, you'll appear closed off or cocky.

Present yourself in a confident, yet not over-confident manner.

To do this, stay engaged, sit up and relax.